"It's heartbreaking that would be taken away from lads without even hitting a ball"

September 26, 2017

Kerry senior hurling manager Fintan O'Connor

Kerry hurling manager Fintan O'Connor says it would be heartbreaking if the new All-Ireland SHC proposals are rubber-stamped this weekend.

A Special Congress in Croke Park on Saturday will discuss Central Council's plan to ringfence ten select counties for the Liam MacCarthy Cup - a move which would controversially consign Kerry, Laois, Westmeath, Carlow, Antrim and Meath to a newly-created second tier.

"Being relegated into a second-tier structure without even playing a game is very hard on lads that tried everything, gave everything they could to stay in the current set up as it was," the Kingdom boss told The Irish Daily Mirror.

"We were very lucky to go up to Westmeath and get a result to stay in that competition. It's kind of heartbreaking that that would be taken away from lads without even hitting a ball.

"Even the new structure, that if you come from Leinster or anywhere bar Kerry, you can be playing Leinster Championship the following year but if you come from Kerry you have to play against the bottom team in Munster, it seems very hard as well."

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