CPA to up the ante as they seek to have their voice heard in fixtures debate

September 09, 2017

Club Players Association executive member Aaron Kernan, Secretary Declan Brennan and Chairman Michael Briody

The Club Players Association are mulling over their options ahead of the Special Congress which is scheduled to take place later this month.

Secretary Declan Brennan and his colleagues at the top table have circulated a survey to their members asking the question: 'Are you in favour of club players holding a protest at the GAA's Special Congress?'.

Brennan outlined to The Belfast Telegraph: "The way I see our Association at the minute, it's a bit like having a brand-new Mercedes outside your house and nothing in the fridge to eat.

"We are flagging that everything is going so well, but it's not. It's definitely not. There is a divide coming. It's going to get bigger and bigger and there is going to be more and more non-events as in games but at the same time families are paying €35 a pop to go to games in Croke Park."

The Special Congress is scheduled to take place on September 30th and the Monaghan native added: "We want to escalate it as well because of the way it is going, and what can be done.

"From our last survey, 95% of our members wanted us to escalate what we were doing, put more pressure on to get something done. That's what we are doing and we are consulting with them to plan our way forward.

"We feel this Special Congress, from a club perspective is a non-event. It goes way short and it's actually pathetic to the point that there is nothing done."

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