Ryan admits he got tactics wrong

September 05, 2012
Declan Ryan has admitted that he should have abandoned his controversial tactic to deploy Lar Corbett as a man-marker for Kilkenny wing back Tommy Walsh early in the second half of last month's All-Ireland semi-final.

Ryan, who stepped down after two years in charge of Tipperary at the weekend, insisted, however, that the tactic worked up until half-time.

"There's been a lot of comment by other experts outside of management and players about Lar's game-plan," he said on Tipperary Mid-West Radio.

"I could say it worked very well for 45 minutes and the Kilkenny backs were at sixes and sevens and that's why we scored 1-3 prior to half-time. If I was to take criticism on it, and I believe there's some out there, no doubt it would be that we should have changed it around maybe 10 minutes into the second half.

"There's a lot of comment about what Lar was at there during the game. It's been a difficult enough time since the Kilkenny game but in my time involved as a player or as a manager, I haven't been in a dressing room at half-time where things have been better."

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