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Heading into a Championship that will take 6 months to complete here are the votes of the eoinog jury

Harps V Coolera........... Harps
Tourlestrane v Curry.... Tourlestrane
Marys v S. Gaels...........S.Gaels
Geevagh v Ballymote...... Geevagh
Tubber v Molaise Gaels.....Tubber
Johns v Coolaney.............Johns

eoinog (Sligo) - 16/05/2012 12:52:12    1173411


I think its between St Marys and Tourlestane this year, With John Kent on board now for Marys, his experience could be crucial, and If they keep Stephen Coen injury free and stay in the country. He is playing his best football in years and on his day no one can stop him in the country let alone this county, I think if he didnt go to the states last year would of been Marys and tourlestrane final.

harps2588 (Sligo) - 16/05/2012 17:12:24    1173734


I think your right harps 2588.St marys looked very good against coolera(last years county finalists) and with their county players performing and the young addition of niall mcmanus is midfield they'll go far.Mcmanus is a fantastic young player whose physical presence takes him around the field very easily.Definately one for the future

sligoforsam (Sligo) - 03/08/2012 15:14:07    1237381


Can't wait for this.
Now that our Stars are back with their clubs this will be world class championship.

allSOran (Sligo) - 03/08/2012 16:53:15    1237497


Fancy Mary's or John's to do it

sligostar (Sligo) - 07/08/2012 18:27:47    1241124


Was at the Harps and Marys game at the weekend, great game was very impressed with Marys, I think its their title this year. Johnny Davey was very good once again but Stephen Coen was excellent, gave Ross Donovon the run around, I think he scored 1-5 from play off him and set up the other goal, Id say after the game Paul Taylor was wondering how did we not start them two boys in the connaught final.

harps2588 (Sligo) - 20/08/2012 13:38:53    1248482


Just wondering with the semi Finals coming up what is your predictions, I hear there is a few injuries for Tourlestane, If this true I will be backing Curry to beat them, and for the other game its hard to see past Marys, They have good backs the likes of Johnny Davey and Johnny Martyn to mark Murphy and Costello and I dont see scores coming from anywhere else and then you look at the likes of Stephen Coen, Mark Breheny, Colm Egan and Cian Brehany to get ya scores so its Marys for me. Very impressed with the link up play from Coen and Egan the last day, Coen could of scored loads himself but kept just giving young Egan the ball, I would say that was to build the young mans confidence.

If the all stars were out yet who do ye think would get them. A few places im undecided with yet so I left them out.

1. Mark Rooney St.Marys
5. Johnny Davey St Marys
6. Johnny Martyn St Marys
7. Keelan Cawley Coolera
8. Brian McDonagh Curry
9. Adrian Mcintyre Tour
10. Gary Gaughan Tour
11 Mark Brehany St. Marys
12. Kenneth Sweeney Geevagh
13 Stephen Coen ST Marys
14. Adrian Marren Curry
15. Niall Murphy Coolera

harps2588 (Sligo) - 08/09/2012 12:38:46    1262021


Harps 2588...... Your out of your tree with that selection. 5 Marys on it and prob more when you fill in the blanks. All the usual suspects included including Gaughan and Mc Intyre who have missed 2 games and also Sweeney who was absent for 2 games. Cant see the Sligo manager calling you up when he needs a selector :)

eoinog (Sligo) - 10/09/2012 15:50:24    1263354


Yes sorry I apologise you have made great points I wouldnt have Kenneth Sweeney in there I think David Rooney instead, and I dont know who else I would put in the other positions you said, Im open to suggestions but I think the others are all certain all stars.

harps2588 (Sligo) - 10/09/2012 18:26:17    1263545


think david mcdonagh from curry will be in with a big shout, the final placings would have more from both tour, curry and cooleara. we wont really know till after the semi finals though.

curry looked very impressive in win over harps and i fancy them to beat tour on sunday, I think the other would will be just as close but something is telling me cooleara may just pull of a little shock over marys. if you remember last years semi finals the two teams who played in the 1/4 finals made it through the lay off between the last group game and the semi final can be too long! and considering that all the final group games were walk overs mainly so that means that marys havnt had a decent game since they played harpes way back at start of august! thats a long time!!

similarly tour havnt really had a tough game since they played curry in may!! now that is maily coz tour simply blew teams away but its not the best preparation for a tough semi final against an inform curry team!

all in all it should make for some interesting ties were i honestly wouldnt be surprised if any team won! but the 4 best teams in the county at present are in semi finals and will be great matches!.

tubberman2010 (Sligo) - 10/09/2012 20:16:45    1263655


So the criteria for gaining an all star is the number of games played as opposed to the quality of the performance.The fact that a player scores 2-21 in four games counts for less than a player who has played 6 games is the sort of logic that has Sligo football where it is today.

Maggiepie (Sligo) - 11/09/2012 20:18:58    1264480


Good weekend of club football. I was in Bunninadden for the intermediate & senior relegation finals. Thought St Michaels deserved to win but just did not play as a unit and had some players who were more interested in getting their own name on the score sheet than passing the ball. to team mates Hopefully they will get over the replay as good to see their first team stay in intermediate championship especially with the work that their club is doing improving their club grounds.
In regards to the senior final between Geevagh and neighbour Shamrock Gaels the best team won on the day. It was really men v boys to be honest and Geevagh were easy winners. Some outstanding performances from Kenny Sweeney up front and Kevin Beirne in midfield. I gurantee you that if we had Kevin or his midfield partner Pat Cawley in our county setup they would shake a few county midfield pairings up. On that, Stephen Gilamrtin played very well in midfield for Tubbercurry and has to be brought back into the county squad - fingers crossed. On the senior game, Sham Gaels looked clueless both on the line and on the pitch and if you took JP Henry out of the forwards (Gave Shane McManus a torrid time) they would have been beaten out of sight. Looks like all the beach time and surfing lessons did not stand to them this year. To be honest they are a very young team and it might the best thing to happen them as they can rebuild and "blood" some of their underage players into the senior setup.

sligodomain (Sligo) - 17/09/2012 12:53:25    1267496


I was also in Tubbercurry yesterday for the intermediate semi finals. In the Intermediate semi final there was not much of a contest for Bunninadden to be honest and i was very dissapointed with St Pats. Really hard to say how good Bunnies are as it was a non contest but as they say and no doubt will have tougher opponents in final to overcome.
Some big performances from Bunninadden players and Joe Rodgers in forwards who had the St Pats defender in trouble early on and could not understand why St Pats management did not switch him as he was constantly fouling him and then eventually got two yellow cards. At the back they have some strong defenders and was impressed with the runs and the big hits of their centre back Michael Gormley who looks like a player Kevin Walsh should take note of. Padriag Doohan dominated midfield for the Bunnies as well.
Really enjoyed the senior game and thought it lived up to its billing with Curry coming out by one point. Thought they were going to kick it away at one stage as when Cathal Henry was introcduced for Tourlestrane he nearly won the game with scoring a point and hitting the post. In fairness Curry were by far the better team and they have the jinx over their neighbours in recent years. Sean Davey and Brian McDonagh were very good, (Brian McDonagh is another man who deserves to be in the county squad, at least given a chance). Adrian Marren was clinical but though his handling was poor and should have passed to his brother for a goal. Adrian McIntre was immense for Tourlestrane (Another man i would love to see in the black and white if he would commit), Eamon o hara did some good things but why he took the last free was beyone me. On a final note, i have praised Tourlestrane for many years and they have been our top club in sligo for years but though their actions after the game was a disgrace. 5-6 tourlestrane sprinted to the dressing room and did not shake hands with curry players and then a tourlestrane player got involved in war of words with Curry manager and had to be dragged away. Lads, at the end of the day its a game of football, take your wins with praise and please take your defeat like gentlemen. I was talking to some Tourlestrane club men and they were not happy with those actions.
Any one have a report from sligo on the sat?

sligodomain (Sligo) - 17/09/2012 13:08:13    1267518


Were you at a different game to me on Saturday evening? Curry were good on the day but to say they were by far the better team is incorrect. They got away with some cynical off the ball tactics to stop Tourlestranes running game at source. Sean Davey and David Maye should both have been sent off for committing such fouls while on yellow cards. But ref decided a talking too was sufficient. Ref overall was very biased towards Curry and allowed them to continue with the stopping Tourlestrane from playing their normal game.

Sure Curry (and Sligo u-21's) are playing this year without their best full back because he won't play for the manager. I saw players running off after the full time whistle but i didn't see any players refusing to shake the hand of their direct opponent. If you can confirm that happened then fair enough but i didn't see it - i was focussed on getting out of there with my tail between my legs:)

Anto (Sligo) - 17/09/2012 14:02:09    1267584


well anto,

both davey and maye were booked for their tackles and it is not a red card offence for stopping a player running, thats the rules. Agree with you that it was cynical but hopefully it will be addressed in the new rule changes. If a player was sin binned for 10 mins it would stop all this cynical fouling. Look at Mayo in the last 10 v Dublin - they done it as well. Tourlestrane were no saints either in the cynical fouls and had a number of players booked.

In fairness Curry were the better team , could not undersand why Tourlestrane did not change their free taker? I suppose taken Quinn off meant they had no other free taker. I always thought Quinn was a very good free taker in past games i seen Tourlestrane play. ye took off McGowan very early and then brought him on again - strange move. The sub they brought on - they also took him off. in my opnion the curry management won the battle on the line as well and Tourlestrane whose management are usually very good would have a lot of questions to be answered if they were my club.

sligodomain (Sligo) - 17/09/2012 14:43:08    1267643


My point was Davey and Maye both continued with their cynical tackling after already been booked. Maye a minute after been booked swung out of O'Hara and ref spoke to him and Davey in second half when he clattered into McIntyre. Rules are a second yellow and a red. Ref allowed Curry get away with it the whole game.

I was baffled with line myself - taking off McGowan was strange. He was poor up to that but he shouldn't have been taken off and replaced by a teenager. Free taking wasn't an issue really-we missed one or 2 long range frees which were very difficult.

Anto (Sligo) - 17/09/2012 15:06:10    1267673


Several Tourlestrane's players would not be too friendly with the Curry manager.

Anto (Sligo) - 17/09/2012 15:39:11    1267704


Sligodomain; The Byrne /Cawley argument for Sligo has been aired before and is a non runner.Geevagh would never have been in the position of having to play3 games to avoid relegation if Cawley /Byrne had performed to anything close to county standard during the campaign proper.Cawley for all his strength and fielding ability, in my opinion he doesnt have the refinement and skill level to survive at county level.Byrne has been there and did OK. You are right about McManus he was destroyed by Henry.I would not agree that Gaels were clueless in the sense that they just had no finishers.They had many things that were good about there play apart from persistent fouling which I thought that Michael Duffy was very lenient on. If they had Sweeney who was excellent all through on their team they would have won in a canter.

Maggiepie (Sligo) - 17/09/2012 16:32:50    1267747


there are bad winners as well as loosers as it was in this case but that's dearby games for you and that is what will add spice to the next meeting. Also that is why there was a full house by CC standards. What isn't nice is the mob jeering of one of the loosing players as he left the pitch, that isn't GAA.

TimtheEnchanter (Sligo) - 17/09/2012 16:55:27    1267775


Maggiepie - having a strong midfield pairing is not going to win you a championship but its a big plus. Geevagh have good scoring forward in sweeney but not great defence. At the Tubbercurry V Geevagh games Gilmartin was excellent for tubber. If you can honestly tell me that our existing county midfielders from Geevagh, Harps and Easkey have better skills levels than some of the players i mentioned - i would be shocked. I am not putting any sligo players down as they dont deserve that with the effort they put in all year, all i am stating is that at club games i attend there is better out there. When is the last time you seen county management at a league game? there is 4 of them involved and how difficult would it be for them each to attend a game and then they have seen every club player in the county. 3 weeks tops they would have seen every club playing a league game and obviously seen some more players than once but no - just draft in some lads who are on teams in the last 4 of competions. Players are out there - just need to get them to play for their county.

sligodomain (Sligo) - 17/09/2012 17:40:56    1267816