O'Donnell hoping his side reproduce Galway performance

June 29, 2006
Although Roscommon minor manager Fergal O'Donnell was delighted with last week's win against Galway, he feels his team must play like that again in the Connacht final. "As you well know, the thing is to produce a big second game. "It's great to beat Galway, there's no doubt about that, but at the end of the day we have to try and go on to better things. "The beauty of the system now is we are definitely in the championship until August 6th, and I think that's a positive that we know we have two games left," he explained. The former Roscommon midfielder believes his team will be stronger the next day. "We have a strong bench with Keith Waldron and a few of these guys to come back in. So we will be getting stronger," concluded O'Donnell.

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