Gath, Conor

August 28, 2000
Taken from Hogan Stand magazine August 2000 Offaly's Conor Gath Name: Conor Gath Date of Birth: 17-11-80 Height: 5ft 10" Weight: 11st 5lb Boot Size: 10 Club: Drumcullen County: Offaly GAA Honours: 1 Leinster Under 21 medal, 1 Freshers Colleges All-Ireland medal, 1 minor league medal, All-Ireland 'B' Schools medal, Leinster junior Vocational medal Other Sporting Achievements: A few badminton trophy's Toughest Opponent: Frank Lohan Favourite Food: Steak Hobbies: Soccer, hurling, pool Nominate World's Laziest Person: My uncle Ray Most Embarrassing moment: Photo taken while sitting on the toilet Favourite Players: Joe Deane, Brian Whelehan Sports legend you most admire: Muhammed Ali Influences on your career: My parents Chosen specialist subject on 'Mastermind': Sport Biggest Disappointment: Losing '99 Leinster Under 21 final and '97 minor final both to Kilkenny Favourite Olympic Sport: 100m sprints Favourite Cartoon Character: Bart Simpson Ideal Drinking Company: Someone with lots of money GAA Gripes: Not getting paid Relatives involved in gaelic games: Brothers and cousins Favourite Actor: Adam Sandler What Film would you most like to star in: The Karate Kid Favourite Book: Offaly Yearbook Favourite Music: Pop music What would you do if you won the lotto: Build a house, buy as much as possible and look after everyone I know and hide the rest If you happened to chance upon a time machine, where would you travel and when: Anfield (Liverpool FC) in the '80s Dream Bath-tub companion: Shania Twain How would you like to be remembered: A kind, generous and very hard working person How do you think you'll be remembered: By the above most definitely (I hope)

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