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Anyone got a link to a full list of results from Division 4 of the A-league at the weekend, nothing on the Meath Gaa website and nothing on Aertel. There was also a full round of minor league at the weekend it would be great if there was a full list of the results.

Thunderstruck (Meath) - 13/02/2012 14:13:08    1110718


A little patience is required here. A new results and fixtures system is currently being rolled out, to replace the SportsManager application that was so successful over the last couple of years. It's all being linked into the membership database system now, and actually works in accordance with the GAA rules on walkovers and the likes. This means the tables on the web will be correct, and will take into account walkovers and rules for teams that finish level and points (instead of having us trying to work it out), etc...

The last couple of weeks they have been working on getting the inputs into the system correct, texts to and from referees, and they are apparently very close to having the server side setup (website) and published.

CarryOnHurling (Meath) - 13/02/2012 15:29:43    1110792


yea can we please get these results up as soon as possible.

NAIL_BAR (Meath) - 13/02/2012 16:59:46    1110926


Any word on when the results will be up on the Meath website? they have had enough time to change things over the break!

NAIL_BAR (Meath) - 19/02/2012 17:05:33    1114536


Drumconrath 1-8 : 0-6 St Brigid's
O'Mahonys 1-11 : 0-3 Blackhall Gaels
St Patrick's 2-8 : 0-7 St Peter's, Dunboyne
Castletown 1-8 : 4-9 Oldcastle
Skryne 0-14 : 0-9 Dunshaughlin
Wolfe Tones 0-10 : 2-9 Donaghmore/Ashbourne
Seneschalstown 1-11 : 0-6 Dunderry
Nobber 1-15 : 0-7 St Michael's
St Colmcille's 0-8 : 0-8 Rathkenny
Kilmainham 0-6 : 2-13 Gaeil Colmcille
Ballinlough 1-11 : 0-7 Trim
Ballivor 0-7 : 0-11 Clann na nGael
Bective 2-7 : 0-11 Ratoath
Na Fianna 1-11 : 1-3 Moynalvey
Carnaross 1-10 : 0-5 Kilmainhamwood
Syddan 0-16 : 0-8 St Ultan's
St Vincent's 2-9 : 1-0 Moynalty
Clonard 1-9 : 2-12 Curraha
Longwood 0-7 : 0-8 Meath Hill
St Mary's 2-13 : 1-10 Kilbride
Walterstown 0-10 : 2-9 Simonstown
Slane 1-9 : 1-6 Dunsany

Boherman (Meath) - 19/02/2012 17:50:10    1114557


blackhall 3 points?? what happened there??

69er (Meath) - 19/02/2012 19:55:20    1114626


This was posted as a new thread but has been incorporated here.

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Moynalty whats the story

Is it a misprint or did Moynalty only score 1 goal v fellow Junior B team St Vincents ?.

Administrator (None) - 19/02/2012 20:17:41    1114641


matrixroyal (Meath) - 20/02/2012 09:00:32    1114727


Maybe the teams with the low scores had to field with out their hurlers.

I am not a fan of Banty but I will tell you one thing - he is allowing all the county footballers to play next weekend a week before the kildare game.

dnewlad (Meath) - 20/02/2012 09:40:18    1114744


DNEWLAD, i would let lads play next wkend, i can see why you might not want them playing but at least the subs are getting games and this time of the year its all about getting games. theres lads on the panel that havent really featured yet due to injury and these games are great for them to get back into the swing of things.

isTHIS4real (Meath) - 20/02/2012 10:11:20    1114761


was banty or his selectors at any games yesterday??

isTHIS4real (Meath) - 20/02/2012 10:12:44    1114764


Great to see all the county football squad playing for their clubs yesterday, find it a bit strange that the hurling panel were told at 1pm on the saturday beforehand that they were not allowed play.

doseire (Meath) - 20/02/2012 11:46:45    1114804


Why were the county hurlers not allowed to play? I would hope the county board executive get involved and ensure that isn't allowed to happen again.

GoalsWinGames (Meath) - 20/02/2012 12:12:07    1114832


Being minded for next weeks leauge I hear.

doseire (Meath) - 20/02/2012 12:56:01    1114867


Hurlers being minded for next week's league. That is some joke !!

kingofclubs (Meath) - 20/02/2012 13:22:53    1114885


Sorry isthis4real - I was getting across the point that the footballers were able to play & the hurlers werent which i thought was a dreadful stroke for the hurling management to produce 24 hours before the games.

it shouldnt be left for the players to decide will they or wont they play.

dnewlad (Meath) - 20/02/2012 13:37:32    1114896


Graham Reilly was on bench throughout Cilles v Rathkenny

RoyalSt.Pat (Meath) - 20/02/2012 13:54:21    1114922


hurlers not playing is a joke!! did any play??

curnew (Wicklow) - 20/02/2012 14:11:22    1114943


skryne 1-14 oldcastle 0-12.. thats a 5 point win for skryne incase maths isnt your thing.. that game was yesterday any results from today?

royalrumble2011 (Meath) - 26/02/2012 14:49:13    1117812


Any league results

SS6 (Meath) - 26/02/2012 20:09:51    1117985