Quarter-final spot for Cortown

August 21, 2008

Gordon Codd scored 5 points for the winners
Cortown 1-13 Nobber 0-12 Cortown qualified for the quarter-finals of the IFC as group winners after sending Nobber crashing out of the championship in this game at Meath Hill. This was a game which had everything that is good in Gaelic Football. There were 26 scores in total of which 23 came from open play. Both teams played with great determination and knocks were given and taken in the proper spirit. The referee was inconspicious and had to hand out only a few ''Ticks'' during the game. Nobber hit the ground running an had three points on the board within three minutes. Cortown battled away and drew level after 25 minutes and went on to lead by one point at half time. It was Cortown who got the good start in the second period with a point and then a Gary Coyne goal after a movement from the backline forward opened up the Nobber defence. Nobber fought back and were on level terms with five minutes left but Cortown finished the stronger and scored the last four points. While it was an all round team display by Cortown the fielding of their Centre field pairing and their ball into the forwards which was put to good use by the forwards was decisive. Best for Cortown were Paddy Waters, Paddy Kerrigan, Glen Loughran, John Fagan, Ivor O'Halloran, Gordon Codd and Gary Coyne. Cortown - J. McFadden; P. Waters, P. Kerrigan, D. Coyne; J. Casserly, D. O'Halloran, J. McGearty; G. Loughran (0-1), J. Fagan (0-1), I. O'Halloran, M. Reilly, C. Kerrigan; G. Coyne (1-6), B. Casserly, G. Codd (0-5). Subs - S. Skelton for M. Reilly; J. Reilly for B. Casserly; S. Fitzmaurice for C. Kerrigan; I. Coyne for S. Skelton. Nobber - B McEntee; P Olwell, P Clarke, A O'Brien; P McEntee, C Barry, P Weldon; C Clarke (0-1), B O'Reilly (0-1); G Campbell (0-2), A Farrell (0-2), R Shields: B Heffernan, J Owens (0-1), B Farrell (0-4). Subs D Lambe for Weldon, G Weldon for Olwell, M Curtis for Shields, P Olwell for O'Reilly.

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