St Michaels qualify for quarter-final spot

August 21, 2008

St Michael's top scorer Daithi Regan
St Michaels 1-10 Oldcastle 2-3 This game started as would be typical of a game where one side had everything to play for and the other nothing except pride. In the first two minute St Michaels were up by 1-1 from a goal scored by Tom Halpin and a point from Kieran Lynch. As the first half proceeded in this fashion with Daithi Regan scoring three wonderful points from far on the right of the pitch it looked like they were going to win this game easily. But when Oldcastle were awarded a penalty, that was saved and had to be retaken from which they scored this meant that when they ran out at half time the score was 1-07 to 1-03. Although St Michaels always looked the stronger side they failed to put Oldcastle away and in the second half only managed to score three points. When the Michaels were reduced to fourteen men after Robbie Briody received a second yellow card, the extra man gave Oldcastle a lift but their abysmal missing of scorable points let them down. With eight minutes to go Oldcastle scored their second goal which brought them to within three points of St Michaels. The last few minutes were nail biting for the St Michael supporters as the struggled to push down into the Oldcastle half. A free from 45 metres out that Daithi Regan scored with ease put St Michaels ahead by four points and the game ended on this score. The Michaels were deserving winners and Daithi Regan's five points would give him the man of the match. There was a great performance from Kieran Lynch also Phillip Rogers and Derek Flood stood out among the Michaels players. St Michaels - Darren O Connell, Mark Reilly, Derek Flood , Daithi Reilly, Sean Gaffney, Phillip Rogers, Peter Clinton (0-01), Brendan Ryan, Phelim Reilly, Robert Briody, Kieran Lynch (0-03), Johnny Reilly, Tommy Moriarity (0-01), Tom Halpin (1-0), Daithi Regan (0-05). Subs were Ronan Farrell for Johnny Reilly and Nick O'Kane for Tom Halpin

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