St. Michaels spring a surprise

June 07, 2008

Kieran Lynch St Michaels
The odds were turned upside down as St. Michaels came from eight points down with ten minutes to go and claimed both IFC points with a surprise win over Nobber. St. Michaels 2-08 Nobber 0-12 In a game that St. Michaels needed to win to be in contention for the qualifiers in the Intermediate shake up, at half time this looked like a forlorn hope. It a game that Nobber dominated for all but 10 minutes it looked like they had a handy win over their neighbours. At the end of the first half Nobber were 0-6 to the St. Michaels 0-3 and only one of the Michaels points came from play. St. Michaels were lethargic and apart from Mark Reilly who was now in his more familiar position as a back were second to every ball. Nobber's forwards of Farrell and Owens took turns at scoring and this continued into the second half and with 10 minutes left on the clock Nobber were 0-11 to St. Michaels 0-3. What transpired to be the turning point of the game the Michaels brought on Tom Halpin for the injured Phelim Reilly and he took up the position of full forward, Kieran Lynch moved out to operate in the centre along with JB Reilly and Brendan Ryan. Up until this Nobber had control of the centre and for the first twenty minutes of the second half St. Michaels had only two opportunities where they got the ball anywhere within scoring range. But with 10 minutes or so to go, Tom Halpin who up until this game was considering retirement got a fist to a high ball kicked in from a side line free and the ball was in the back of the net. This seemed to inspire the whole team and within minutes Daithi Regan and Kieran Lynch had added two more points to the scoreboard. This was followed up by a point by Brendan Ryan who took the ball from the centre of the field and through pure passion fought his way through what seemed like the whole Nobber team to score another point and the gap had been reduced two points. The Michaels supporters on the line came to life and on everyone lips were the words " could The Michaels do what Wexford did last week." And then came the second goal for the Michaels from Ben Farrell, a ball that another man might have went for his point Ben bravely slotted it under the right hand side of the Nobber goal keeper. The St. Michaels were ahead for the first time in the game; this was followed up by another point from Tom Halpin. Nobber went back down the field and scored but immediately the ball was at the other end of the field and Kieran Lynch kicked over a well deserving point. Nobber by now were in total disarray but the final whistle could not come soon enough for the Michaels supporters who were by now ecstatic. St. Michaels - Damien O'Connell, Mark Reilly, Derek Flood. Daithi Reilly, Robert Briody, Philip Rogers, Peter Clinton, John Barry Reilly, Brendan Ryan (0-1), Johnny Reilly, Phelim Reilly, Ronan Farrell, Ben Farrell(1-0), Kieran Lynch(0-4) , Daithi Regan(0-2). Tom Halpin (1-1) was substituted for Phelim Reilly and Sean Gaffney for Ronan Farrell.

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