Moyles, Anthony

July 28, 2000
Taken from Hogan Stand magazine July 2000 Meath's Anthony Moyles Name: Anthony Moyles Date of Birth: 16/11/76 Height: 6'3" Weight: 13 1/2st Boot size: 9 1/2 Club: St. Paul's GFC County: Meath GAA Honours: Club junior championship medal, Leinster junior championship medal Other Sporting Achievements: Meath minor hurling captain Toughest Opponent: Haven't met him yet Favourite Food: Anything Hobbies: Listening to music, golfing, reading, football takes up the rest of the time Vices: Work Nominate World's laziest person: Rab C Nesbitt Most embarrassing moment: Having a pair of my sister's underwear dropping out of my towel at one of my first training sessions with Meath seniors Favourite Players: Glen Ryan and of course the whole Meath panel Sports Legend you most admire: Muhammad Ali Influences on your career: My family Chosen specialist subject on 'Mastermind': Pass Biggest Disappointment: Not playing in league final after a disappointing semi-final performance Favourite Olympic Sport: 800m Favourite Cartoon Character: Homer Simpson Ideal Drinking Company: Any top model and Papillon for the stories GAA Gripes: Forwards are getting too pampered - frees for everything these days Relatives involved in gaelic games: My father - played for Dublin and so did my brother Sean (hurling). Uncle Tom Langan played for Mayo and my brother Barry is presently on Meath junior team Favourite Actor: Robert De Niro What Film would you most like to star in: "Scarface" Favourite Book: Papillon Favourite Music: Anything except country or heavy metal What would you do if you won the lotto: Depend how much I won If you happened to chance upon a time machine, where would you travel and when: Roman times - the boys had it all made up back then Dream bath-tub companion: Some female who's good with her hands How would you like to be remembered: As a solid gaelic footballer who never gave up in life or sport How do you think you'll be remembered: Hopefully fondly

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