The Men of '67: Ollie Shanley

September 22, 2017

Meath's Ollie Shanley

The 50th anniversary of Meath's third All Ireland football final win. Meet the men who made it possible.

At top of the left, wearing the number 15 jersey, Ollie Shanley.

Ollie Shanley was a regular and vital component of the great Meath team during the latter part of the sixties and scooped provincial medals in 64, 66, 67 and 70.

Nowadays the words '' a roving corner forward '' is a much used term. But perhaps Ollie was the original holder of this title.

As Meath battled against the first half elements in the 67 All Ireland decider, Ollie foraged and roamed far and wide in an attempt to halt the Cork onslaught. This role, in the days when it was 15 men in their position against another 15, was to prove so effective and had a major bearing on the Rebels only mustering four opening half points.

Ollie Shanley sends the ball to the Kildare net during the 1966 Leinster final

But the Duleek native could also play and besides being an excellent link player, shot some excellent and vital scores during this wonderful run. He was Mr Consistency itself with a terrific engine.

Ollie Shanley could also lay clam to being the most versatile of that Meath squad. And by 1970 he reverted back to man the troublesome right half back position with aplomb..

He later moved clubs from Duleek to Trim and wound up his active GAA days as a member of the Simonstown club for whom his four sons, Adrian, Michael,James and Niall enjoyed many under age successes.

Ollie Shanley coached a number of clubs and was in charge of the fine Meath minor team which contested the 1977 All Ireland minor final.

A magnificent footballer and a real gentleman.

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