B FL Div 6: Gillespie stars as 'Wood' win battle of Kilmainhams

April 20, 2017

Kilmainhamwood manager Michael Clarke

Kilmainham 0-12 Kilmainhamwood 2-12

At half time, Kilmainhamwood looked as if they were heading for their second loss in as many games to start of their 2017 B league campaign, but manager Michael Clarke urged his team to keep calm despite being six points down and largely outplayed.

The first half was mainly dominated by Kilmianham as their free flowing half-forwards and half backs moved the ball up the field with ease while also kicking some excellent scores. Kilmainhamwood fielded a somewhat understrength side as injuries continue to plague their season. This saw a full-forward line contain veterans Ray McGee and Aidan Crosby having to step in and too their credit they both kicked a point in the first half. But a countless number of bad passes and missed shots saw the men in White and Blue only register three points in the first half compared to Kilmainham's nine.

The second half started off tip for tat as a Ryan Gillespie's free was cancelled out by a Kilmainham free before the Wood looked to have found a way back into the game when Damian Russell was obstructed from getting the ball and Kilmainhamwood were awarded a penalty. The penalty however was saved and the Wood remained six points adrift. Soon after Damian Russell found himself in the penalty area with the ball and ended up taking his point. Kilmainham again responded soon after to once again leave six between the sides with roughly 15 minutes to play. Richard Corbally kicked a good score soon after to leave five between the sides.

The breakthrough for Kilmainhamwood came when Gary Yorke caught an excellent mark at mid-field and found Aidan Crosby with a pass. Crosby laid it off to Ryan Gillespie and to everyone's surprise he drove the ball from roughly thirty yards out with a looping shot that nestled its way into the bottom left hand corner of the net. If Bernard Brogan had of scored it you would see it on a loop for years to come, but unfortunately RTE and TG4 are yet to start covering Div 6 B league matches in Meath. Astonishingly Gillespie was to repeat his magic moments later. Some good work by Richard Corbally and Damian Farrelly to win some scrappy ball around the 45-yard line, left Darragh McGreevy free before he passed it to Aidan Crosby who in turn passed it to Ryan Gillespie who was this time maybe 20 yards from goal and in a similar position before he again rifled the ball into the corner of the net, giving the goal Keeper no chance. Suddenly, the Wood were a point in front with ten minutes to go despite being six points down just minutes earlier.

The last ten minutes saw Kilmainhamwood reduced to 14 men when Cathal Bennet pulled up with a hamstring injury and the Wood had no substitutes to replace him with. However, the Wood continued to dominate as Gary Yorke caught ball after ball in Mid-Field and Ryan Gillespie kicked another five magnificent points to drive the north Meath men into a commanding lead. A late Peter Kieran point was nullified by another point for Kilmainham score, but the game was sealed at this stage, as day light started failing on a warm Spring evening in Cortown.

Best for Kilmainhamwood were Ryan Gillespie and Gary Yorke

Kilmainhamwood: Padraig Carolan, Bernard Reilly, Peter Flood, Niall McCabe, Richard Corbally (0-1), Cathal Bennet, Ronald Owens, Ryan Gillespie (2-7), Gary Yorke, Darragh McGreevy, Damian Russell (0-1), Peter Kieran (0-1), Damian Farrelly, Aidan Crosby (0-1), Ray McGee (0-1). Subs, Paddy Clarke for Peter Flood.


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