SFC: Blackhall off the mark as Walterstown stopped

April 25, 2015

Tadgh Brosnan Blackhall Gaels

Blackhall Gaels 1-11
Walterstown 2-4

On Friday Blackhall traveled to Skryne to face Walterstown in the second round of the championship.

The Gaels men had the pressure on, coming off the narrow defeat last week against Na Fianna. Blackhall started well but Walterstown kept the pressure tight and got the first score. The top scorer of the night, Tadhg Brosnan immediately drew the Gaels level with a brilliantly worked point from the kick out. Walterstown were not perturbed and worked back up the pitch to get their second. Once back in possession Blackhall kept their heads and were patient in waiting for their second, eventually coming from Donnacha Tobin. Blackhall were nearly done for only for a brilliant Tommy Dalton save from an unbelievable Walterstown attack. With the rain pelting down being on the ball became very difficult on the slippy ground. The match got messy but Blackhall pushed on and remained patient, closing down the numerous Walterstown attacks. Stephen Morris was brilliant on the ball, despite the weather and fed the ball into the forwards continuously. Sean Whelan got a well deserved point just before the half to put the Gales 5 ahead. Halftime score was BHG 0-7 to Walterstown 0-2.

The rain cleared and the supporters got to enjoy a fine U10 match at the half before the game got going again. The Walterstown management made two changes at the half and it made an immediate difference. Again Walterstown were first to score, then kept the pressure and for Tom Murphy, a revelation at corner back, Walterstown would have had another goal chance! A Walterstown injury gave Blackhall a chance to regroup and once the game restarted they were off. The introduction of Paul Kelly lifted the team, as did Kelly's wonderful point. A work of genius by the full forwards resulted in a Brosnan goal and Blackhall were well in the clear with ten minutes to go.

But Walterstown were not lying down. Two very late goals shortened a 10 point game to a 3 point lead for the Gales and had they come earlier the outcome may have been different. However, Blackhall played brilliantly for 55 minutes to ensure the late revival of Walterstown only affected score difference. The final score was BHG 1-11 to Walterstown's 2-4. The lads now have a break and once they're back we'll hopefully keep up the winning ways!

Blackhall Gaels -Tommy Dalton , Daniel Carty , Colm Mc Elligott , Tom Murphy , John Kelly , Dan O'Neill , Alan Nestor , Patrick O'Brien , Donnacha Tobin (0-1), Stephen Morris , Mark Ferris , Sean Whelan (0-1), Dermot Carty , Johnny Myler (0-1), Tadhg Brosnan(1-7 (4F)),
Subs: Paul Kelly (0-1), Kevin O'Keane.

Referee: L. O'Brien

Walterstown faced Blackhall Gaels in the 2nd round of the championship on Friday Night. Walterstown having drawn their first game with Simonstown were hoping to push on however Blackhall Gaels completely dominated this match with the full time score not a true reflection on the game as Walterstown scored 2 late goals to bring it to 4 between the sides.

The opening period seen both sides trade early scores with the sides level at 2 points each inside the first 5 minutes. Blackhall Gaels however took the lead before a 10 minute spell seen both sides struggle in very slippy conditions with Walterstown also missing a great goal chance in this period when Christopher Reynolds found himself one on one with the keeper only to send his shot straight at the keeper. Blackhall Gaels however dominated the rest of the half scoring 4 points to lead by 5 at the break. Half Time - Walterstown 0-2 v Blackhall Gaels 0-7.

Walterstown management made changes at half time with Christoper and Ray Reynolds being replaced by Mark McCormack and Gareth McGuinness. Walterstown looked more secure in the second half when Colin McGrane was moved to centre half back who defended well and gave a man of the match performance reading the game well to help the Walterstown defence.

Walterstown opened the scoring in the second half with sub Mark McCormack scoring to reduce the lead to 4 points. Gareth McGuinness who came on at the break did not last long as he suffered a shoulder injury and was replaced by Robbie McDonnell whom was very unlucky to have been left out of the starting lineup.

Blackhall Gaels took control once again by scoring 1-03, which effectively ended any chance for the Blacks leaving 10 between the sides with just 10 minutes left. Robbie McDonnell added a point before Blackhall Gaels responded by adding their their 11th point of the match. Blackhall Gaels knew they had the game won and perhaps lost their focus in injury time with Richie Barry and Colin McGrane scoring 2 great goals to put a gloss on what was overall a poor performance by the blacks with Blackhall Gaels deserving winners who gave Walterstown a real football lesson.

Walterstown Team: John Davis, Colin McGrane, Conor O'Sullivan, Colm Reilly, Peter Reynolds, David Reynolds, Cathal Hennelly, Alban Crosbie, Mark Reynolds, Mark O'Meara, Christopher Reynolds, Ray Reynolds, Ruairi O'Dowd, Paul Donnellan, Richie Barry.  Subs: Mark McCormack for Christopher Reynolds(ht), Gareth McGuinness for Ray Reynolds(ht), Robbie McDonnell for G.McGuinnes(inj), A McLoughlin for Paul Donnellan(55 mins), Christopher Farrelly for Mark O'Meara (55 mins).

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