SFC relegation: first blood to Walterstown as Oldcastle on the brink

September 07, 2014

Walterstown's Alban Crosbie

Walterstown 0-16
Oldcastle 2-05

This was a do or die battle for both teams as they fought it out to see what team had the right to survive and keep their senior status for 2015 with the losing team going on to play Rathkenny next week.

Walterstown started the better and took early control of the game, scoring the first 4 points of the match. Oldcastle were a little wasteful in front of goal but settled down as the match progressed, scoring their first point after 12 minutes. The blacks replied with another point after 15 minutes to stay 4 points ahead.

Walterstown kept pushing on and scored 2 more points to gain a 6 point lead, however on the 27th minute Oldcastle scored the first goal after the Walterstown keeper parried a shot off the post and the rebound was slotted into the back of the net to reduce Walterstown's lead to just 3 points. Oldcastle added a further point and on the stroke of half time Conor O'Sullivan scored a well taken point for the Blacks to leave the half time score - Walterstown 0-8 v Oldcastle 1-02

The first 15 minutes of the second half was all Walterstown where the scored 4 points to Oldcastle's 1 point. The Blacks however, never looked secure and Oldcastle wasted many chances both from play and frees. Walterstown did increase their lead back to 6 points adding the next 3 points between the 47th and 56th minute. Oldcastle piled on the pressure and scored a late goal to reduce the deficit to 3 points as the game went into injury time. Walterstown however held out for the win scoring 2 points in injury time leaving the full time score - Walterstown 0-16 v Oldcastle 2-05.

Oldcastle now go on to face Rathkenny next week in the relegation play-off and if Rathkenny beat Oldcastle it will secure the Blacks Senior status for 2015.

Walterstown: J.Davis, J.Geoghegan, D.Reyonlds, E.O'Mahony, P.Reynolds, D.Maguire, C.O'Reilly, C.O'Sullivan, A.Crosbie, M.Reynolds, D.Donnellan, C.Hennelly, R.McDonnell, R.O'Dowd, P.Donnellan. Subs: R.Reynolds for E.O'Mahony(inj), R.Barry for P.Donnellan, P.Donnellan for R.Barry(black card), C.Reynolds for C.O'Reilly

Walterstown Scorers: A.Crosbie(0-5), R.O'Dowd(0-4), P.Donnellan(0-3), C.O'Sullivan(0-2), E.O'Mahony (0-1), R.McDonnell (0-1)


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