Curran strikes 0-11

April 22, 2002
Duleek and Drumconrath renewed an old rivalry on Sunday last when they met at Rathkenny. Over the last few years the two sides had played some close games at both Junior and Intermediate levels. Today showed how one team had gone forward while the other had slipped back. Duleek dominated the game from the start and Drumconrath who where short a few of their bigger names could not get going at all. Despite this after 18 mins Drumconrath were only one point down and at half time were losing by only 5. Most of Duleeks scores came from man of the match Peter Curran. Peter Curran (0-06) and Kenneth McDonnell (0-01) were Duleeks first half scorers. Half time: Duleek 0-Drumconrath 0-02 The second half did not start well for Drumconrath as Duleek applied the pressure scoring 0-06 in the third quarter. The losers showed some spirit scoring 0-02 but 0-04 unanswered left Duleek comfortable winners. The result however was not the main talking point of the game as in the second half the Drumconrath players seeing the game go lost control. They only finished the game with 11 men. Full time: Duleek 0-17 Drumconrath 0-04 R. Nolan, B. Tallon, G. Hynes, D. Crosby, K. Smith, P. Martin, M. Cudden, K. McDonnell(0:01), A. Byrne, P.Curran (0:11, 9 frees), K. McDonnell (0:01), M. Johnson(0:01), C. Duignan (0:01), R. O' Neill (0:01), D. Ferguson(0:01) Sub: S. Murphy for P. Martin.

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