O'Rourke: Meath should be Kerry of the East

November 30, 2008
Colm O'Rourke believes that Meath football should be improving with each year, so as the county can get to the level where Kerry are currently at to challenge for provincial and All-Ireland crowns. The Meath legend, who was recently appointed as the county's new Under 21 football manager, stressed with the number of active clubs within the Royal County at the present time that the inter-county should be at a higher level then where it currently ranks. "I certainly think that in the last few years we have seriously underachieved," O'Rourke told the Star Sunday newspaper. "I think Meath should be the Kerry of the East because you have a big county, a very keen football county with no real opposition in terms of soccer or major rugby or anything like that. "There are very good clubs and everybody is really interested in football and there's a club in every village and every parish. "To me the results at national level from the Meath team should be better as a result. I think we need just a little bit if structural reform, and I see no reason why Meath shouldn't be one of the stronger counties year after year." While O'Rourke has condemned the current system of managerial appointment in Meath, he lauded the senior panel's new management, in particular backroom team member Bob O'Malley. "I think Eamonn will be a nice calming influence and the three of them are a good group of fellas and very enthusiastic. Bob (O'Malley) is the outsider of the group, but he will bring great enthusiasm, great fire and great hunger and a bit of steel," he added.

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