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I think its time for the GAA to Revamp the All-Ireland football championship. Here is what I think they should do. Scrap the provincial championships they are not competitive competitions in Connacht it is always between Mayo and Galway. Granted Sligo won last year but in general it is always between Mayo and Galway. Munster is the same With Cork and Kerry. Leinster is more competitive but Dublin always dominates. Ulster is the most competitive with Armagh, Tyrone, Donegal and Derry being competitive.
The structure of the championship should be 8 groups of 4 teams.

One team from each division... Teams from Division one would be top seeds. Division 2 second seeds division 3 third seeds and division 4 fourth seeds. The seeding would be based on the finishing league positions. I.e. teams promoted to division one would be top seeds and teams relegated to division two would be second seeds. This would make the league more competitive.

The groups would be decided by open draw. Each team play each other team once with 2 points for a victory and one for a draw. The top two teams would proceed to contest the last 16 of the All-Ireland. The bottom two go into the last 16 of the Tommy Murphy Cup. From this stage each round is knockout.

There are a number of advantages to using the system. This year the championship starts on may 11 and ends on September 21. A total of 18 weeks. Some teams start earlier some later Mayo don't start until 22 of June. While Leitrim start on May 11. This to me is a poor way to administer the competition.

From start to finish there would be 7 rounds that is seven weekends over the 18 week championship period. This would allow for replays and for breaks to allow club competitions to take place. The dates for games and possible replays could be decided well in advance allowing time for teams to recover. We have seen with the qualifier system that some teams could be playing 3 - 4 weekends in a row which is unfair.
Also every team I guaranteed at least 4 championship matches.

That's my idea let me know what you think.

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