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Diurmuid O' Connor to get Mayo over the line?

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This guy is one of my favourite players to watch. Couldn't help thinking last year that he looked worn out in a few of games Mayo played. Hopefully this year he's taken an extended rest, no u-21 duty and he will get us over the line. Opinions?

Dangerman17 (Mayo) - 18/05/2017 20:05:13    1988092


Sligo will give them a very hard game on Sunday and could even beat them if they do not take it serious from the start. It will be the likes of D O Connor and Boland that will , do the work this year, most of the older guys are burn out .

culmore (None) - 18/05/2017 22:50:13    1988160


I thought he was struggling with a groin injury last year. Literally its a pain in the arse of an injury! Your never bad enough to stop playing but without proper rest it impedes you and slows you down. Can take an age to clear up.

Mayonman (Galway) - 19/05/2017 11:02:27    1988270