"Dublin maybe did use a few tactics but we all use them ourselves"

October 03, 2017

Lee Keegan of Mayo with Dublin's Ciaran Kilkenny during the All-Ireland SFC final

Lee Keegan has played down the cynicism that was evident in the closing stages of this year's All-Ireland SFC final.

A number of Dublin players wrestled with their Mayo counterparts as David Clarke tried to pick out a team-mate after Dean Rock had converted what proved to be the winning free. Prior to that, Keegan appeared to throw his GPS device at Rock as he prepared to take his shot.

"It's very hard, at the time, to notice what's going on," he told the Second Captains podcast. "You're so engrossed by the game and thinking 'right, we're after going a point down, we just need to get our hands on the ball'.

"In terms of cynicism, it goes on with every team. People are talking about the final being cynical - I've been involved in games that were way more cynical than that, to be honest.

"Dublin maybe did use a few tactics but we all use them ourselves. That's the reality of gaelic at the minute. It was unfortunate that it happened to us. Would we have done it? I don't know because we weren't in that position to do it. I'd love to have been to see how we'd react to close out the game."

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