Brazen Mayo pair dressed as stewards got into All-Ireland final without tickets

September 22, 2017

Mayo fans Fiachra Byrne and Michael Brady with high-vis jackets and homemade security passes disguised as stewards on All-Ireland final day!

Two Leaving Cert students from Mayo managed to get into last Sunday's All-Ireland football final without tickets.

Westport teenagers Fiachra Byrne and Michael Brady gained entry to Hill 16 by wearing high-vis jackets and producing homemade security passes.

Speaking to Tommy Marren on Midwest Radio, Fiachra explained: "We said we would sneak in. It was about late Friday evening when we decided we would go at it.

"We went and bought the high vis and Michael is a computer whizz and went on the computer and made the badges and he got Croke Park and steward printed on the high vis and we were away then."

The brazen Mayo fan added: "All the official stewards had to be there by 11 but when we arrived it was half 11.

"We just went down the road and had to pass about three or four stops and just nodded. Then we came to the last stop that was intimidating, there was a line of guards and stewards.

"One kind of stopped us then looked at another lad and we powered on through."

Michael explained how the pair removed their disguises once they got inside.

He said: "We literally made a bee-line for the toilets, took off all the high vis and the passes and everything.

"We were just kind of in the middle celebrating then a steward walked in. He didn't notice or anything."


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