Mortimer won't be sanctioned over tribute

July 21, 2009

Conor Mortimer celebrates his Connacht final goal against Galway
The GAA has no plans to take disciplinary action against Conor Mortimer following his Michael Jackson goal celebration in Sunday's Connacht SFC final. The Mayo forward lifted his jersey after scoring his side's second goal in the one-point victory over Galway to reveal a t-shirt with the words 'RIP Micheal Jackson'. He also had the words 'MJ Mort' stitched into his boots. Mortimer's tribute could conceivably breach the GAA's rules on bringing the Association into dispute or those pertaining to playing gear, but no such move appears likely. "The GAA is an apolitical organisation. It isn't a Michael Jackson organisation," said GAA spokesman Alan Milton. Mortimer revealed that there was a serious side to his Off the Wall tribute. "It was a bit of craic alright but at the same time, Michael Jackson was a legend," he said. "The whole country just stopped when news came through of his death and it showed how much people thought of him. The t-shirt was about showing respect as well." The 26-year-old DCU graduate added: "I'm not working at the moment so I have been watching the whole thing on television, almost around the clock. "I have followed it on the news, on Twitter and so on. I wouldn't be one of his biggest fans in the world but growing up you would always have heard his music. He was one of the greats of the music industry."

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