Louth's JP is back!

February 08, 2007

JP Rooney
Louth football followers are breathing a collective sigh of relief with ace attacker JP Rooney set to make a dramatic return to training. Three weeks ago, it was feared that the Naomh Mairtin clubman's career could be over due to a recurring pubic synthesis joint injury but the 27-year-old has made a remarkable recovery after receiving an injection into the joint. The problem laid Rooney low for the '04 entire season and he recently said he would consider retiring if it returned in anger. But the miracle injection seems to have done the trick. JP revealed: "Two or three weeks ago, I thought that was that - my career was over - but I had the injection in the middle of January and did a bit on the bike after that and then some swimming. During the last few days, I've been out running and I hope to go training this week. "The cartilage is worn and basically it's bone rubbing against bone. I'm not sure what way the injection works, but the injury doesn't seem to be as bad as I first thought."

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