Kerry want O'Connor to stay

September 19, 2006

Kerry manager Jack O'Connor
Kerry county board officials are hoping to entice Jack O'Connor to remain on as manager for another three years after he guided them to their second All-Ireland triumph in three seasons. Kerry chairman Sean Walsh wants O'Connor to nurture the rich harvest of up-and-coming talent in the county and keep the Kingdom on top for many years to come. Walsh doesn't believe it would make sense for O'Connor to continue for just one more year. "You'd have to put things in perspective. When you get a person and a manager of the calibre of Jack, you have to look at the overall picture - at the calibre of players coming up, the many young players we have in the squad and the minor team players," Walsh said. O'Connor said he would review his position over the coming weeks with his selectors Ger O'Keeffe and Johnny Culloty and trainer Pat Flanagan. "Whatever we do, we'll do it together. We'll either stay or go together," the Kerry manager said. O'Connor recalled how people thought he was being "coy and smart" when he said he was "packing it in" after last year's All-Ireland final loss to Tyrone. "One fellow in particular said I was doing it to take the heat off myself, which I wasn't. Immediately after losing an All-Ireland, it hurts so badly that you just want to pack it up. "We went away and thawed out for a few days and I spoke to the management. We decided we would have another go at it."

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