Burns Killian

June 21, 1996
Kerry's Killian Burns NAME: Killian Burns DATE OF BIRTH: 30-7-75 HEIGHT: 5' 10" WEIGHT: 12st CLUB: Sneem COUNTY: Kerry NOTABLE SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS (GAELIC): 1992 All-Ireland Colleges champions (Hogan Cup); 1995 All-Ireland Under 21 champions (OTHER): 4 x 200m Relay Under 18 All-Ireland medal (broke Irish record) INTERCOUNTY DEBUT: I started the second half at centre back against Tipperary in Clonmel, 19th May TOUGHEST OPPONENT: Charlie Redmond (when he was fit) in challenge game against Dublin 1995 FAVOURITE GROUNDS: Limerick Gaelic Grounds HOBBIES: Traditional music (accordion), sporting activities, going out on the razz FAVOURITE POSITION: Wing back, but if thins are going bad, I would offer my services at midfield FAVOURITE PLAYERS: Nowadays, I admire Anthony Tohill as a player and for his commitment to the sport. I genuinely admired Jack O'Shea INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER: My family's support, the Kerry Golden Years era THE HIGH POINT OF YOUR CAREER TO DATE: Winning Under 21 All-Ireland medal BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Losing to Cork minors 1992 and 1993 by the narrowest of margins - 1993 we were up 5 points with 1 minute left and they got 2 goals! WAYS OF IMPROVING THE GAME: We need to appreciate the work being done at local level in GAA, the game itself should not be changed DISLIKES ABOUT THE GAA: Sometimes the number of competitions at club level takes its toll, free time is minimal. If they could play off some of the competitions earlier in the year, it would help DO YOU HAVE ANY RELATIVES INVOLVED IN GAELIC GAMES?: Brother Bartley plays with Sneem, brother Liam plays with Portmarnock, Dublin - also has Kerry Junior All-Ireland medals. Brother Padraig played minor for Kerry. Dad, Batt played minor, under 21 and junior for Kerry PERSON YOU WOULD MOST LIKE TO MEET: After three years of a BA Degree, I have yet to match the face to the name of some of my lecturers unfortunately. I finished my BA Degree in Irish History in UCG last week FAVOURITE PERSONAL SAYING OR TERM OF ABUSE: 'Climb off me, mush = don't be bothering me' PET HATES: Snakes and nippy corner forwards FAVOURITE FILM: The Godfather - 'II Padrino, you mess with me, you mess with my family, man' IDEAL DATE: A Kerry lady footballer - so we could 'talk tactics' HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED: As a player that achieved a lot for his county and gained the respect of his fellow players both on and off the pitch Taken from Hogan Stand magazine 21st June 1996 Vol 6 No 25

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