Grants scheme approved

December 09, 2007
Central Council has rubberstamped the proposed Government grant scheme for inter-county players. However, following recent declarations by the Tyrone, Derry and Mayo county board that they would not be prepared to administer the grants, Central Council has decided that the money will not now be made available to players through their county boards, meaning that a new method of distribution will have to be found. A press release issued after Saturday's meeting read: "Recognising a concern expressed at various levels of the Association, Ard Chomhairle agrees that disbursement will not be made directly through county boards and that details of a centralised system for disbursement, when finalised, will be presented to Ard Chomhairle for approval." In the face of opposition from some quarters which claimed that the grants were in violation of the GAA's amateur ethos, Central Council also asked all those involved in the agreement to accept an amendment to the definition of amateurism contained within the agreement. The proposed amendment reads: "All parties recognise that the GAA is an amateur Association and state their absolute commitment to the maintenance of the amateur status of the Association." The Council also confirmed that they had received confirmation from the Government that the awarding of ?3.5 million in grants will not impact on their standard funding in the future, while claiming that the Government will take sole responsibility for the amount made available.

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