Agreement reached in grants dispute

November 29, 2007
A breakthrough has finally been made in the dispute over grants for inter-county players. Following extensive negotiations between the GAA, the GPA, the Government and the Irish Sports Council in recent weeks, an agreement has been reached in how the grant aid will be distributed. A sum of EUR 3.5 million - EUR1.5 million less than the figure originally pledged by the Government - will now be provided to fund an annual team performance scheme and an annual support scheme for the country's 1,800 inter-county players. This historic development means the prospect of inter-county players going on strike in the New Year has almost certainly now been averted. GAA president Nickey Brennan said: "I am pleased that the issue of recognition for GAA players has been addressed." Brennan said that from a GAA perspective: "the Association's core concerns had been addressed - the protection of the amateur status, the payment of funds from the exchequer clearly defined as sports awards and the commitment that GAA funding generally would not be negatively impacted on in any way." He added that "the proposal will however require the ratification and approval of Central Council and it will be placed on the agenda for its December meeting."

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