Barr Keith

April 17, 1992
NAME: Keith Barr DATE OF BIRTH: 26/1/68 HEIGHT: 6' WEIGHT: 12st 12lbs CLUB: Erins Isle COUNTY: Dublin HONOURS: National League and Minor/Senior Leinster medals; All Star; Compromise Rules winner 1990 PLACE OF WORK: MJ Gleesons (Tipperary Water) INTER-COUNTY DEBUT: May 1989 - Championship Debut: Wicklow June 1989 TOUGHEST OPPONENT: Larry Tompkins (Cork) FAVOURITE GROUNDS: Croke Park FAVOURITE POSITION: Right half back SPORTING AMBITION: Win All-Ireland medal (obvious choice) DO YOU PLAY ANY OTHER SPORTS: Golf and racquet ball BOYHOOD HEROES: Dublin team of the '70s FAVOURITE PLAYER: Eamonn Heery, Niall Calahane, Stephen O'Brien BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON CAREER: All the managers I have played under have each influenced me in an individual way WAYS OF IMPROVING THE GAME: More time devoted to football skills of the game rather than the athletic aspect DISLIKES ABOUT THE GAA: I would like to see more full time coaches within the present structure BEST GAME SEEN: Thurles - Tipperary versus Cork - Munster Hurling Final '91 PLAYERS WITH A PROMISING FUTURE: Niall Guiden, Dessie Farrell (Dublin) HOPES FOR 1992: To give my best at every game PLAYERS FOR THE FUTURE: Cork, Tyrone, Kerry and Meath have some very promising under 21 players coming through their ranks and difficult to pinpoint any one player RECENTLY PAUL CURRAN HAS SWITCHED TO CENTRE HALF BACK WITH YOU MOVING TO NO 5. WHERE DO YOU PREFER TO PLAY - RIGHT HALF BACK OR CENTRE HALF BACK? Right half back. Would play any position if requested YOU PLAYED SOCCER DURING THE SUMMER AS A GUEST PLAYER WITH GILLINGHAM. TELL US ABOUT THAT PARTICULAR WEEK: It was a different and enjoyable experience WOULD YOU EVER SEE YOURSELF TAKING UP A FULL TIME CAREER IN THE 11-A-SIDE GAME? No DID THAT PENALTY MISS AGAINST MEATH AND YOUR SUBSEQUENT DEFEAT UPSET YOU PERSONALLY? Of course it did. However, it was the overall defeat rather than the missed penalty itself that annoyed the most MOST PEOPLE RECKON THAT THE PENALTY KICK SHOULD HAVE BEEN RETAKEN, ARGUING THAT SOME OF THE MEATH PLAYERS WERE ON TOP OF YOU - ONE BACK IN PARTICULAR RUNNING ALONGSIDE YOU AS YOU TOOK THE KICK: It was an unfortunate incident, but I'm not looking for a scapegoat. Would probably do the same at the other end! TELL US ABOUT YOUR CLUB: Erins Isle Finglas was founded in 1917. It has won Club of the Year, has teams representing the club at all levels, and have always had a good representation of players on county teams. We have won the Dublin Senior Hurling Championship and have reached the football final on many occasions. The first All-Ireland medal was brought into the club by Jim Tunney TD. Erins Isle has a strong link with the local community and is a focal point for many young people in the area. Credit must go to all those who are dedicated and committed to the club and who give freely of their time and energy DUBLIN ARE NOT GOING THAT WELL AT THE MOMENT. HAVE THE SCARS FROM THAT MEATH DEFEAT NOT CLEARED UP YET, OR ARE THE SKY BLUES PREPARING WITH ONLY THE CHAMPIONSHIP IN MIND? Dublin not going well at the moment? We are in the same position now as we were this time last year. We are preparing like any other team in the country with the championship in mind. We are experimenting with players in different positions and trying to capitalise on the many talents within the team. Do no read too much into present league form. Meath have never underestimated Dublin past or present and likewise WHAT DID YOUR ALL STAR AWARD MEAN TO YOU? It was a personal honour! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MEATH. ARE THEY AS DIRTY OR ROUGH AS A NUMBER OF DUBLIN, AND INDEED OTHER PEOPLE THINK? It's a physical game. I do not consider Meath to be either rough or dirty - their physical strength is an aspect of their game that has paid dividends PRESUMING THAT YOU DO MEET IN THE SUMMER, CAN THE DUBS OVERCOME THE "OULD ENEMY"? I see no reason why not! Looking forward to it. That's if Meath make it to the semi-final!!! Taken from Hogan Stand magazine 17th April 1992 Vol 2 No 51

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