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Karl Lacey
Kevin Cassidy
Neil McGee

Fair play to yous lads, everyone of yous deserve it and yous have made the whole of Donegal proud !

HowManyStepsRef (Donegal) - 21/10/2011 19:39:41    1056429


I must have said something wrong when i started the same thread and mine wasnt posted, congrats to the three ALL STARS its a proud day for Donegal Football but its an even prouder day to be from Gaoth Dobhair, and fair play to the other lads that got nominated but didnt make it, bring on 2011!!!!!

glasagusban (Donegal) - 21/10/2011 20:27:47    1056467


Sorry I meant 2012.............

glasagusban (Donegal) - 21/10/2011 20:36:20    1056478


Congratulations to Niall Campbell who has won the Lory Meagher player of the year at the GAA/GPA All-Star Awards in Dublin.
It's a well deserved accolade for the wee man and a great achievement for Jude.
It's great recognition for Donegal hurling too, after a fine year.

Wee_Buns (Donegal) - 21/10/2011 20:59:04    1056488


Karl Lacey becomes Donegals only three time all star - A noteable acheivement

ruanua (Donegal) - 21/10/2011 21:28:50    1056526


Well done to all 3 lads :D Well deserved.. disappointed for the rest them but next year lads...


up_donegal (Donegal) - 21/10/2011 21:38:19    1056532


Great honour for the lads,their familys and clubs and Donegal.While these three lads have topped the pile and made the first 15 the others lads have made the top 45 players in the country this in itself is a huge honour. Onward and upward next season and who knows we could be the county with 6 all-stars next year.

idiotfinder (Donegal) - 22/10/2011 10:32:27    1056588


Fair play to the 3 players, very well deserved. I expected 2 of them to get selected and to get 3 shows that some people respected donegals style. A year ago we would have gotten some odds on 3 allstars. Lastly, congrats to the clubs concerned particularly gaothdoair with 2, yous must be so proud of that achievement. IMO, anyone who has helped develope these guys from young, deserves a huge pat on the back, well done again.

81DLSAM (Donegal) - 22/10/2011 11:16:00    1056609


I'd absolutely like to congratulate the three lads on their all stars, in my eyes they were never in question.

But you'd have to comiserate with Micheal Murphy, robbed of an all star for the second time, he paid the price for his flexibility. The only game he really got to play as an orthodox full furword was against Kildare, and that was only because he wasn't able to cover the whole field because of the hamstring. And have no doubt, we would never have beaten Kildare without him, the whole gave changed when he came on. How long more can he be ignored by the all star committee?

On a final note, I'd also like to congratulate Niall Campbell on his well earned award. I think it's just reward for what I think is his 13th year in the county jersey. And for a Burt man, he's a gentleman ....

Marty Morrissey (Donegal) - 22/10/2011 21:30:49    1056994


how can you say that murphy was robbed of an all star , was starved of possession never had a big influence over any game , scored about 4 points from play in the whole championship , i think you were luck to get your three all stars tbh , mcgee was excellent as was lacey but cassidy got his because he scored the winning point vkildare , bolton was more impressive overall and should have got that spot instead of cassidy , mcguinness and the panel should have a look at themselves over the winter and think about how they played this year and what it has done for them , i believe every player has an obligation to the game and donegal need to think about that

stekhli (Dublin) - 23/10/2011 14:41:58    1057193


How was Murphy robbed of an all star? He was lucky to even get a nomination, as was Mc Fadden.

Murphy had a poor year by his standards and i don't think you can you can say its because he was playing deeper. Long way off an all star and hopefully he can lift his game next year.

FootballGuy (Donegal) - 23/10/2011 15:49:06    1057230



Its not that he needs to lift his standard.. he just wasnt given the oppurtunity to shine. When you see what he can do when left in forward for his club its very obvious he's on his game. The role he played this year was very important in our success.. although not on the scoresheet as much, he was vital part in most games. Hopefully next year though Jim will let him stay in forward where he can really shine.. then the jigsaw will be complete :)

up_donegal (Donegal) - 23/10/2011 17:35:37    1057349


Joe Brolly also lamenting Murphy`s absence from All-Star team in today`s Sunday Mail.. He is a mighty fine footballer and more awards will come his way in the future for sure .. not sure where I would place him on the 2011 team as he played mainly in the middle third of the pitch with the exception of the KE match.. btw some people outside Donegal maintain that the outcome of the s-final might have been different had the more experienced Colm McFadden (0-4) taken on kicking duties from the start and not waiting until Murphy had ballooned 3-4 frees into Hill 16 from the 45m mark.
Must have been a great feeling for Michael on a personal level to convert penalty v Cavan Gaels and make it 3rd time lucky in Breffni (red carded v Cavan and hitting crossbar in U-21 final) .. delighted for the Glenswilly manager interviewed on TG4 recovering from a serious illness .. reminds us ,its still only a game!
Best wishes to Glens in next round.
Coghairdeas le imreoiri Ghaoth Dobhair and to Karl Lacey who was unfortunate not to get a nomination for POTY , he was your lynchpin and felt the game was up when he cried off in the 41st min .. no award for Barry Cahill who `took him out`minutes earlier (ranks with McMenimans goal and Cluxton`s pt as the most important plays of 2011 championship) .. amazed that no comment from the Sunday Game panel on the nature of that tackle, they seemed more intent on outsmarting each other with adjectives to describe the `game from hell` , where `shi-ite football` played by participants in a `tukey of a game` who should be tried for `crimes against football`etc, etc ....

Curlew66 (Roscommon) - 23/10/2011 19:25:07    1057440


On a couple of topics:
Michael Murphy, huge fan, i think the man is a genius and an inspiration, but i don't think he deserves an All-Star this year. Although he had a great game in the Ulster Final he needed to produce more to gain an All-Star. Against Kildare he kept us in it, he kicked over a few points and his presence is such a mentality boost for Donegal. He didn't have a bad campaign but Andy Moran carried Mayo on his shoulders to an All-Ireland Semi-Final. And also Diarmuid Connelly with his great performance against Tyrone and an All-Ireland medal, i would suspect he would be selected ahead of Murphy also. But no doubt Murphy, the special talent he is, will win All-Stars in his exciting career to come.

Also, looking at Michael Foley selected at corner back, i don't think he deserved this, and thought it should have went to Rory O'Carroll, but certainly Frank McGlynn deserved it more than he did.

Finally i'd like to congratulate all the lads who won and the lads who were nominated, both are fantastic achievement, and a special congratulations to Niall Campbell, well deserved !

HowManyStepsRef (Donegal) - 23/10/2011 21:26:07    1057555