Lynch, Mark

December 31, 2003
Full name: Mark Lynch Height: 6ft 2 inches Weight: 13st Boot size: 11 County: Derry Club: Banagher (St. Mary's) Notable Sporting Achievements: Winning the U17 Compromise Rules Series with Ireland; 1 All-Ireland Minor football medal; 1 Ulster Minor football medal; 1 McRory Cup medal; 1 Hogan Cup medal; 1 Hageean Cup medal Inter-county debut: Against Antrim in 1st round of Ulster Minor Championship in 2002 Favourite grounds: Croke Park Hobbies: Watching TV Favourite position: Full forward/centre half back Influences on your career: My father Mickey and my brother Ryan are great influences on my career. They have given me great support and given me great advice when I need it. The high point of your career to date: Captaining my country to winning the Coca Cola U17 Compromise Rules Series Biggest disappointment: Being defeated by Tyrone in the 1st round of the Ulster minor championship last year Other players with a promising future: I know lots of players with a promising future but the one's that comes to mind are Gerard O'Kane and Joe Keenan. Gerard is the greatest captain I have played under and there is no better. He can play anywhere on the pitch with great success. Joe is a brilliant man marker. I have never seen a forward get the better of him I would watch out for these two players. Pet Hates: I hate people that laugh at their own jokes and people that chew loudly Favourite Film: The Patriot Favourite Music: Bit of everything Ideal bathtub companion: Britney Spears but if she isn't available I'd settle for Kelly Brook How would you like to be remembered: As a player that kept his feet on the ground and never got ahead of himself. A player that gave his best everytime he lined out on the pitch

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