Egan Barry

August 07, 1992
NAME: Barry Egan DATE OF BIRTH: 18/8/72 HEIGHT: 5ft 8" WEIGHT: 11st CLUB: Delany Rovers COUNTY: Cork HONOURS: Minor, Under 21, Senior Munster Hurling medals INTER-COUNTY DEBUT: February versus Waterford PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: Student, Cork RTC (Computers) TOUGHEST OPPONENT: Philip Larkin (Kilkenny) FAVOURITE GROUNDS: Croke Park FAVOURITE POSITION: Half forward SPORTING AMBITION: To win as many All-Ireland medals as I can DO YOU PLAY ANY OTHER SPORTS? Snooker, gaelic football BOYHOOD HEROES: Jimmy Barry Murphy FAVOURITE PLAYERS: Tony O'Sullivan BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON CAREER: Parents, all mentors, trainers from Delanys, grandfather WAYS OF IMPROVING THE GAME: More on TV DISLIKES ABOUT THE GAA: None BEST GAME SEEN: Cork versus Galway, All-Ireland Final 1990 PLAYERS WITH A PROMISING FUTURE: Donal O'Mahony (Bishopstown), Thomas Kelly (Delanys) HOPES FOR 1992: To win All-Ireland hurling medal YOU WERE A REVELATION AGAINST LIMERICK IN THE MUNSTER FINAL. A NEW NAME REALLY COMING GOOD. HAD YOU PLAYED IN A NHL OR CHAMPIONSHIP GAME WITH CORK PRIOR? I played in a couple of league games prior and also made an appearance against Limerick in the NHL semi final. Also came on against Kerry in the first round of the championship but the Munster Hurling Final was my first full game IT MUST BE A HELP PLAYING ALONGSIDE SO MANY BIG NAMES AND OUTSTANDING HURLERS IN THE CORK ATTACK: Yes, it is. As you know all these forwards are well known and have years of experience behind them, and it is a privilege to play alongside them and to train with them and they all try to help/guide me in the right way THE LIMERICK MATCH MUSH HAVE BEEN THE GAME OF YOUR LIFE: Yes, I was very nervous before the game started, but once it got going I was feeling okay and things didn't go too bad for me. I was very happy that day DELANYS ARE NOT THE MOST FASHIONABLE CLUB IN CORK CITY. TELL US ABOUT YOUR CLUB: We are intermediate in both hurling and football for the last couple of years. We have a vast number of underage teams and have quite a few good prospects for the future. All the mentors/trainers are doing great work here YOU ARE ALSO ON THE CORK UNDER 21 HURLING AND FOOTBALL TEAMS: Yes, we were beaten by Waterford in the semi-final of the hurling championship, but we didn't do justice to ourselves on that night. But Waterford totally deserved their win and went on to win the Munster Final SO MANY GAMES FOR ONE SO YOUNG. ARE THE STRAINS OF THE SUMMER HAVE ANY EFFECT? Yes, I play quite a number of games and I do get quite tired sometimes, but I never lose interest in the games because I like them so much WILL SUNDAY BE YOUR FIRST TASTE OF CROKE PARK ON THE BIG DAY? No. I have played there in the Minor All-Ireland Final 1990 and semi-final against Kilkenny and Derry respectively ARE DOWN GOING TO BE THE EASY TOUCH EVERYBODY IS MAKING THEM OUT TO BE? No, they must be good if they have beaten Antrim who are a good team. They are there on merit and are not going to be easy to overcome. It will be very tough WOULD CORK PREFER TO BE PLAYING ANTRIM, A KNOWN QUANTITY? Well, maybe it would be better became we would know a lot about Antrim, but Down are really an unknown quantity. We really don't know too much about them so that makes it even more difficult but we really don't mind who we meet SO THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO COMPLACENCY IN THE REBEL CAMP? No, there will be no complacency. It is still an All-Ireland semi final and we will be going there to win, no way will we be complacent. We will give Down a lot of respect YOUR VIEWS ON FR. O'BRIEN: Puts an awful lot of work into training the team for every game. A very honest man and won't say things behind your back, he will say things to your face, whether good or bad things. He has helped me a lot in my style of play AND GERALD MCCARTHY? A very good trainer. Gerald puts us through some tough sessions but all of them are enjoyable. He is also a very experienced man as you know and has also been a great help to me with regards my hurling YOU WERE LUCKY LATELY IN YOUR CLUB DRAW: Yes, myself and my girlfriend won the first prize in the club's draw which was an Opel Corsa. First thing I've won in my life WE HAVE GREAT REPORTS ON A YOUNGER BROTHER FROM CORK OFFICIALS: Yes, Kevin is 16 years old and played on the Cork Under 16 team on Munster final day at midfield. He is also a good footballer and likewise plays with Delanys THE WEEKEND BEFORE LAST YOU PLAYED ON THE IRISH UNDER 21 SHINTY TEAM IN SCOTLAND: Yes, we played Scotland and won 6-3. The rules were a combination of hurling and the Scottish Shinty rules. It was a very tough game, but great to play in. The Scottish officials were very good to us and I'd like to thank them and of course, our own officials, especially Jim Ryan, Eugene McKenna and Mr John Dowling for a great weekend YOU GOT AMONG THE SCOREGETTERS: Yes, I scored three goals, but myself and Noel Dalton are still 'arguing' about the first goal FINALLY, YOUR PREDICTION FOR SUNDAY'S GAME: It will be very tough, but I think we should win this one (hopefully) by a couple of points in the end Taken from Hogan Stand magazine 7th August 1992 Vol 2 No 67

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