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Congrats to Old Leighlin

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Well done Old Leighlin. As a neutral at the game, I was delighted to see O.L. fight back after an early blitz by Rathvilly who gave the impression that they were "on fire" but the O.L. players played good open football and I think should have had a second penallty but now that they have won, that's of no importance. The ref. made some peculiar decisions or lack of decisions when he should have seen clearly what was done; for example, he gave a yellow card for a foot block in the second half (correctly) but failed to do so in the first half. Directly in front of him a player was given a clear push in the back but he let it go. The frontal tackle on Brendan Murphy in the first half was way over the top. Brendan has great potential for the county but he will have to learn self-control and if he sees a video of his reactions I think he'll be embarrassed. It's good to see the Cup go round and two new teams next year would be good for the game. Perhaps Pal's display today might get them going!

No1realist (Carlow) - 24/10/2010 19:00:32    802828


better team won. brendan murphy may learn !!

eee (Carlow) - 25/10/2010 13:02:29    803059


Old Leighlin were by far the better team yesterday. They put their bodies on the line and fought for every ball..think hunger was the main difference between the two teams. Rathvilly got off to a flying start and really seemed to have brought their shooting boots with them..then stopped playing. There was an air of overconfidence about Rathvilly and they waited for someone to pull them out of the fire. In the meantime, Old Leighlin got on with winning the match..well done to them and best of luck against Rhode.
We can finally breathe a sigh of relief in Pal after a very good performance against Ballon..blew them away early in the game and played some very good football throughout. We really should not be involved in relegation games with the quality of players that we have but if you don`t perform, thats where you end up! Feel a bit sorry for Ballon because I don`t believe they were the worst team in the championship but they can have no complaints with yesterdays fact, the scoreline flattered them. Hopefully, they can regroup and do well in Intermediate next year. Pal need to learn the lessons from this year and if we do so, I would expect that we won`t be far away from silverware in 2011.

Cnocman (Carlow) - 25/10/2010 13:36:28    803077


congrats to old leighlin fantastic result goes to show ya have to keep knocking at the door to get inside of it after so many defeats in recent years this one has to be very sweet indeed for them

ITSCHOLAR (Carlow) - 25/10/2010 14:57:15    803138


Congrats to Old Leighlin, brilliant to have the Conlon Cup back in the parish. Am delighted for all the players, some of whom I'd know quite well & would have played underage with. It's a wonderful achievement for such small place. Mark Brennan is a stalwart of the GAA in Leighlin parish and in Carlow, and it's brilliant for him to be able to have a senior football medal in the back pocket to match his two hurling medals. The same is true for the other boys who hurl for NB. Enjoy the celebrations & best of luck against Rhode.

ballygowan (Carlow) - 25/10/2010 15:28:54    803161


Congrats and well deserved Rathvilly can have no complaints this time.Very dissapointed with Brendan Murphy again,i think as a player he has be over hyped since his return from australia and judging by his display saturday night i can see why he didnt make it in Oz.He is young and i think theres 2 much expected of him yet by too many people.His best game so far since his return was against Dublin in the u21 grade and he hasnt come near that performance since.

THE BOSS (Carlow) - 26/10/2010 16:40:22    803776


well done to old leighlin, fully deserved there win, they had there homework done on rathvilly, it was a good county final in fairness although i thought the ref had a very poor game totally inconsistent, i thought the heckling of brendan murphy was bad form,

Barrowsider (Carlow) - 26/10/2010 18:30:41    803880


I said after the drawn game in a post that the replay was there for Old Leighlin if they wanted it and fair play to them they wanted it a lot more than Rathvilly, as a result they are now well deserved Co. Champions, after reversing the 2009 score of 2-08 to 0-7 with a 1-11 to 0-7 score in 2010, as an neutral I ask my self can Old Leighlin now reverse Rathvilly's first round exit from the leinster club championship last year with a victory over Rhode, but sadly I cant see that happening, Rhode are a better team than they were last year as they showed in this years Co final where as Old Leighlin seem to have just swapped places with Rathvilly, however I'm not writing off Old Leighlin at all, they just seem to have it all to do, and a little bit more, so the very best of good luck to you.

supersub15 (Carlow) - 26/10/2010 20:35:45    803968


Well done to Old Leighlin. Learned a lot from each significant game this year. Well done again and best wishes against Rhode.

carlowman (Carlow) - 28/10/2010 20:30:46    805403


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I seem to have posted this piece on the wrong thread in error, so I'm postin it now to its rightful place.

809419 ---- Least we not forget Old Leighlin on Sunday as they battle against the odd's when representing our County,and bring home a victory in the Leinster SFC, and in doing so copper fasten Joe Murphys name as the next Carlow senior football team manager. ----- Good luck.

supersub15 (Carlow) - 05/11/2010 10:58:54    810100