McDonnell Steven

December 01, 2000
Armagh's Steven McDonnell NAME: Steven McDonnell DATE OF BIRTH: 13-7-79 HEIGHT: 6' WEIGHT: 12st CLUB: Killeavy COUNTY: Armagh NOTABLE SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS (GAELIC): 1 Ulster Under 21; 2 Senior Ulster; Irish News All Star (Ulster) TOUGHEST OPPONENT: My next one FAVOURITE FOOD: Italian HOBBIES: Going out to niteclubs NOMINATE WORLD'S LAZIEST PERSON: Enda McNulty FAVOURITE PLAYERS: Gerard Houlihan SPORTS LEGEND YOU MOST ADMIRE: Michael Jordan INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER: Dad, Thomas Mallon CHOSEN SPECIALIST SUBJECT ON MASTERMIND: Sport BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Losing All-Ireland U21 semi final to Kerry FAVOURITE OLYMPIC SPORT: 100m sprint FAVOURITE CARTOON CHARACTER: Bart Simpson IDEAL DRINKING COMPANY: Baywatch cast GAA GRIPES: Players should never be out of pocket RELATIVES INVOLVED IN GAELIC GAMES: None FAVOURITE ACTOR: Robert De Niro WHAT FILM WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO STAR IN: Basic Instinct FAVOURITE MUSIC: Anything but rave WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WON THE LOTTO: Get drunk and travel the world IF YOU HAPPENED UPON A TIME MACHINE, WHERE WOULD YOU TRAVEL AND WHEN: 1994 World Cup Ireland v Italy, Giants Stadium IDEAL BATHTUB COMPANION: Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Michelle Geller HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED: As the first Killeavy man to lift Sam HOW DO YOU THINK YOU'LL BE REMEMBERED: As someone who always tried his best on the football field Taken from Hogan Stand magazine December 2000

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