Cusack warns Cork players will walk away

December 03, 2007
Cork goalkeeper Donal Og Cusack insists that a number of Cork players will quit the inter-county scene unless the county's senior hurling and football managers are given back the power to pick their own selectors. Speaking in New York where he is part of the All-Stars hurling tour, the GPA chairman claimed the action was prompted by county board "anger" over situations such as the fixtures hold-up in the county during the summer. He said: "What the players said in their statement, it's not even strike - they are just going to go away. "There would be a number of hurlers I would be very close to and I know they would do that because they know hurling will go on. "When Christy Ring left, Cork hurling continued on. You don't get paid for this, so in a way it's not a strike. They just won't be part of it and if more guys want to be part of it, that's fine. "Guys believe in the principle of this thing. Either you believe it or you don't. Hurling is my life, that is what I get out of bed in the morning for. But in terms of selling yourself, guys just won't do it."

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