Browne lost hunger for game

July 10, 2007
Two time All-Star Declan Browne has revealed that the reason for his retirement from the inter-county scene is because for him 'the fun had gone out of the game' and he had lost his hunger. Tipperary lost to Cork in the Munster championship and followed that defeat with another loss against Clare in the Tommy Murphy Cup last Saturday, but Browne stressed that his decision was not rash and had been deeply considered. ''The legs were not the way they were two or three years ago and this is not a rash decision. I've put plenty of thought into it and I'm happy with that - it's been three of four days a week for the last number of years and that takes its toll,'' Browne said. ''I just wasn't looking forward to going back in the winter and facing into another championship next year in its current format.'' ''The old hunger isn't there any more and I always said that when you don't enjoy putting the boots in the bag to go to training anymore, it's time to pack it in,'' he added.

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