Draft 2018 Allianz League fixtures released

October 13, 2017

Kerry captain Fionn Fitzgerald and Galway captain David Burke lift the Allianz FL Division 1 and Allianz HL Division 1 trophies, respectively.

The provisional 2018 Allianz League fixtures have been announced, with a Croke Park double-header involving the Dublin footballers and hurlers getting proceedings underway on Saturday, January 27 according to a report in the Irish Sun.

Three-in-a-row All-Ireland champions Dublin will open their Allianz Football League Division 1 campaign against Kildare at 7pm in a repeat of this year's Leinster SFC final. This will be preceded by the hurlers' Division 1B opener against Offaly, which will be Pat Gilroy's first Allianz League game as hurling manager.

Five of Dublin's seven Allianz Football League Division 1 ties will be on Saturdays. 

Reigning Allianz Football League champions Kerry will begin at home to Donegal on Sunday, January 28, while All-Ireland hurling champions Galway will open their Allianz League defence in Division 1B at home to Antrim on Sunday, January 28.

The Division 1 football final is set to be played on April, 1, with the hurling equivalent due to take place a week or two earlier.

Draft 2018 Allianz League fixtures

Allianz Football League Division 1

Round 1: Saturday, Jan 27th: Dublin v Kildare; Sunday, January 28th: Galway v Tyrone, Kerry v Donegal, Monaghan v Mayo

Round 2: Saturday February 3rd: Mayo v Kerry, Tyrone v Dublin; Sunday, February 4th: Donegal v Galway, Kildare v Monaghan

Round 3: Saturday February 10th: Dublin v Donegal; Sunday February 11th: Galway v Mayo, Kildare v Tyrone, Monaghan v Kerry

Round 4: Saturday February 24th: Mayo v Dublin, Monaghan v Tyrone; Sunday February 25th: Donegal v Kildare, Kerry v Galway

Round 5: Saturday March 3rd: Dublin v Kerry, Tyrone v Donegal; Sunday March 4th: Galway v Monaghan, Kildare v Mayo

Round 6: Saturday March 17th: Mayo v Tyrone; Sun, March 18th: Galway v Dublin, Kerry v Kildare, Monaghan v Donegal

Round 7: Sunday Mar 25th: Donegal v Mayo, Dublin v Monaghan, Kildare v Galway, Tyrone v Kerry

Allianz Football League Division 2

Round 1: Saturday, January 27th: Cork v Tipperary; Sunday January 28th: Clare v Cavan, Louth v Down, Roscommon v Meath

Round 2: Saturday, February 3rd: Cavan v Louth, Tipperary v Roscommon; Sunday, February 4th: Down v Cork, Meath v Clare

Round 3: Saturday, February 10: Cavan v Meath; Sunday, February 11: Clare v Tipperary, Cork v Louth, Roscommon v Down

Round 4: Sunday, February 25th: Cork v Cavan, Down v Clare, Louth v Roscommon, Tipperary v Meath

Round 5: Saturday, March 3rd: Cavan v Down; Sunday, March 4th: Clare v Roscommon, Meath v Cork, Tipperary v Louth

Round 6: Saturday, March 17th: Cork v Clare; Sunday, March 18th: Down v Tipperary, Louth v Meath, Roscommon v Cavan

Round 7: Sunday, March 25th: Cavan v Tipperary, Clare v Louth, Meath v Down, Roscommon v Cork

Allianz Football League Division 3

Round 1: Sunday, January 28: Armagh v Sligo, Derry v Westmeath, Fermanagh v Wexford, Offaly v Longford

Round 2: Sunday, February 4: Fermanagh v Offaly, Longford v Derry, Sligo v Wexford, Westmeath v Armagh

Round 3: Sunday February 11: Armagh v Longford, Derry v Offaly, Sligo v Fermanagh, Wexford v Westmeath

Round 4: Saturday, February 24: Fermanagh v Derry; Sunday, February 25: Longford v Wexford, Offaly v Armagh, Westmeath v Sligo

Round 5: Saturday, March 3: Armagh v Derry; Sunday, March 4: Sligo v Longford, Westmeath v Fermanagh, Wexford v Offaly

Round 6: Saturday, March 17: Fermanagh v Armagh; Sunday, March 18: Derry v Wexford, Longford v Westmeath, Offaly v Sligo

Round 7: Sunday, March 25: Longford v Fermanagh, Sligo v Derry, Westmeath v Offaly, Wexford v Armagh

Allianz Football League Division 4

Round 1: Saturday, January 27: Laois v Limerick, London v Carlow; Sunday, January 28: Antrim v Leitrim, Wicklow v Waterford

Round 2: Sunday, February 4: Leitrim v Laois, Limerick v Carlow, London v Wicklow, Waterford v Antrim

Round 3: Saturday, February 10: Laois v Waterford; Sunday, February 11: Antrim v Wicklow, Carlow v Leitrim, London v Limerick

Round 4: Sunday, February 25: Leitrim v Limerick, Waterford v Carlow, Wicklow v Laois, London v Antrim

Round 5: Saturday, March 3: Carlow v Wicklow, London v Leitrim; Sunday, March 4: Laois v Antrim, Limerick v Waterford

Round 6: Sunday, March 11: London v Laois; Sunday, March 18: Antrim v Carlow, Waterford v Leitrim, Wicklow v Limerick

Round 7: Sunday, March 25: Carlow v Laois, Leitrim v Wicklow, Limerick v Antrim, London v Waterford

Allianz Hurling League Division 1A

Round 1: Sat Jan 27th, Cork v Kilkenny; Sunday, Jan 28th, Clare v Tipperary, Waterford v Wexford

Round 2: Sat Feb 3rd, Tipperary v Waterford; Sunday, Feb 4th, Kilkenny v Clare, Wexford v Cork

Round 3: Sat Feb 17th, Tipperary v Wexford; Sunday, Feb 18th, Clare v Cork, Waterford v Kilkenny

Round 4: Sun Feb 25th, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Cork v Waterford, Wexford v Clare

Round 5: Sun Mar 4th, Kilkenny v Wexford, Tipperary v Cork, Waterford v Clare

Allianz Hurling League Division 1B

Round 1: Saturday, January 27th: Dublin v Offaly; Sunday January 28th: Galway v Antrim, Limerick v Laois

Round 2: Saturday, February 3rd: Laois v Galway; Sunday February 4th: Antrim v Dublin, Offaly v Limerick

Round 3: Saturday, February 17th: Laois v Antrim, Limerick v Dublin; Sunday, February 18th: Galway v Offaly

Round 4: Sunday, February 25th: Antrim v Limerick, Dublin v Galway, Offaly v Laois

Round 5: Sunday, March 4th: Galway v Limerick, Laois v Dublin, Offaly v Antrim

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