Antrim co-managers keen to continue

June 19, 2017

Antrim joint managers Gearoid Adams and Frank Fitzsimons

Frank Fitzsimons and Gearoid Adams are eager to remain on as joint-managers of the Antrim footballers, despite the team's relegation back to Division 4 of the Allianz League and another early championship exit.

"Frank and I will have a good think and we'll meet with the county board," Adams told the Irish News after Saturday's All-Ireland qualifier loss to Sligo.

"It's their decision, but we'd hope to take this team to get ourselves back out of Division 4 and push on.

"From an outsider looking in at our year, we've been relegated and we've been beaten by Donegal and Sligo (in the championship) and they'd be thinking 'that's really bad'. It's actually not. And that's not me backing myself or covering any holes.

"We think we're too good for Division 4, but you have to get yourself out of it. The last time Antrim were in Division 4 they stayed there for four years. The vast majority of this squad stayed together with us after the Donegal game and they'll stay for next year too." 

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