"If it happened to Meath I'm sure the referee would have ended up in the canal"

September 15, 2014

Seamus kenny, Caoimhin King and Joe Sheridan celebrate 'that' goal. INPHO

'A Wee Royal Rumble - The Story of the 2010 Leinster Football Final' will be broadcast on RTÉ One tonight at 7.30pm.

The infamous final between Louth and Meath had one of the most dramatic finishes to any game ever played in Croke Park.

With Louth on the brink of winning their first provincial title in 53 years, and only seconds left on the clock, Meath's Joe Sheridan scored an illegal goal that broke the hearts of all Wee County players. 

As disbelieving Louth fans ran onto the pitch, frustration and annoyance turned into seething anger and the referee Martin Sludden was attacked. 

Meath were declared Leinster champions. The endless television replays of a goal which should never been allowed rubbed further salt into Louth's open wound. 

Off the pitch, the furore gained momentum; it was both back page and front page news. 

The voices of disgruntled Louth supporters lit up the airwaves, the cry for 'justice'  and 'replays' went up, County boards were pitted against one other, GAA officials ran for cover, unruly fans were bought before the courts, security at Croke Park would change forever, but would anyone back down?

This episode of Scannal looks back at that controversial goal and the fallout, as well as hearing the thoughts of the man at the centre of the action - Joe Sheridan.

There are also contributions from Louth player Aaron Hoey, former Louth player and manager Frank Lynch, GAA Head of Media Relations - Alan Milton and RTÉ Sport commentator on the day of the 2010 Leinster Final - Ger Canning.

"When you look back I have some sympathy for Louth players, the goal shouldn't have been allowed".

Joe Sheridan (Meath)

"If it had happened to Meath on that particular day I'm sure the poor unfortunate referee would have ended up in the canal".

Frank Lynch (Louth All Ireland winner, 1957)

"Someone asked me what was the highlight of my career and I said the Leinter Final of 2010, and they asked what was the low point and I said the Leinster Final of 2010".

Aaron Hoey (Louth)

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