Football top scorers: Dunne and Goulding make their move

June 18, 2013

Practice makes perfect for the football top scorers
Cavan's Martin Dunne and Cork's Daniel Goulding are making their mark on the football top scorers' chart for championship 2013.

Leitrim's Emyln Mulligan still leads the way but the chasing pack is increasing in size.

Dunne, with a total of 0-14, joins Louth's Shane Lennon in joint second place while Goulding is now fifth in the table after hitting 1-5 in the Munster semi-final against Clare.

The Cavan man is now also the joint top scorer from play alongside Mulligan.

Mulligan is the top goal scorers so far after his hat trick Stateside while Lennon joins Westmeath's Kieran Martin has two goals to his name.

It will be some feat if Mulligan's individual match tally of 3-7 is beaten before the end of the summer. The closest so far is Dunne's 0-9 haul against Armagh.

Overall - championship football top scorer
Emyln Mulligan, Leitrim 3-7 (16)
Martin Dunne, Cavan 0-14 (14)
Shane Lennon, Louth 2-8 (14)
Brian White, Louth 0-14 (14)
Daniel Goulding, Cork 1-10 (13)
John Heslin, Westmeath 0-10 (10)
Seanie Furlong, Wicklow 1-7 (10)

From play - championship football top scorer
Emyln Mulligan, Leitrim 3-2 (11)
Martin Dunne, Cavan 0-11 (11)
Shane Lennon, Louth 2-4 (10)
Daniel Goulding, Cork 1-6 (9)
James O'Donoghue, Kerry 1-5 (8)
Seanie Furlong, Wicklow 1-4 (7)
Kieran Martin, Westmeath 2-1 (7)
Brian Hurley, Cork 1-4 (7)

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