Canavan: managers will move to the stands

March 01, 2013

New Cavan Gaels boss Peter Canavan
Peter Canavan predicts that GAA managers will eventually migrate to the stands.

The number of backroom members allowed on the sideline is a contentious issue in the GAA right now and the Fermanagh boss contends that managers rather than team doctors should be in the stand.

"The next stage will be a box or seats in the stand and that will be kept for managers because I've no doubt a few years down the line managers will be in the stand for matches.

"You have a much better view of proceedings. In terms of men on the sideline, let the doctors, physios and the runners be on the sideline and make a bit of room for managers in the stand.

"I think the manager's input [during the game] is not as vital as people make it out to be. The only thing is you can speak and run things past your assistant much quicker than with earpieces.

"For parts of the game I've been up in the stand and for other parts I've been on the sideline. In Brewster Park, you're not that far away from the sideline - just a few seconds.

"Ideally, I'd prefer to have a better vantage point than being down in the hub of things," the former Tyrone star told The Irish News.

As for the thorny issue of the team doctors being banished, Canavan expects Croke Park to backtrack: "The one person you want on the sideline in the event of something wrong is the doctor.

"Doctors might be sitting up in the middle of the stand and that's not ideal. But I expect that to change. It will change and the GAA will realise that themselves because there is an oversight there."

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