Gavin: Ballymun lads losing out

March 01, 2013

Dr Crokes' Ambrose O'Donovan (right) tries to catch up with James McCarthy of Ballymun Kickhams ©INPHO/James Crombie semi-final.
Jim Gavin admits Ballymun's players are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to Dublin.

There are seven representatives from the county champions that the Dubs boss would ideally like to call upon but these men won't come into his plans until the start of April due to their forthcoming All-Ireland club final date.

"We won't have them until a fortnight after St Patrick's Day," he says in The Irish Times. "Unfortunately for them, they're out at the minute.

"One thing I've said to the players is that guys who are playing well will get the slots. That's unfortunate for the Ballymun lads but that's how it is.

"The players know that. If they play well and have consistency of performance, it's up to the other guys then to fight for the spot. That philosophy is already in place. The Ballymun lads are a disadvantage in that respect.

"What we are saying to the players is results do count. It'd be ignorant for me to say that we're not concerned about getting league points. But my job is to get the guys into a consistency of performance and have that staying with them the whole time.

"The way we see it is we have the next four games to try and get some consistency of performance. Hopefully results will follow. If they don't, then we'll have to look at the way we're doing things.

"Getting four points in the bag is great but it's just a start. We're looking forward to trying to build on that and to try to get all the players involved in the tactical approach as well."

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