Wife of team doctor "carjacked"

February 28, 2013
The wife of Donegal team doctor Kevin Moran was the victim of a terrifying carjacking incident before a big game at Croke Park last summer.

Bernadette Moran was pulled from her jeep by Christopher Coakley near Mountjoy Square in Dublin as she stopped to allow her children to put litter into a bin. One of the children was sitting in the back seat at the time, but Bernadette managed to get the nine-year-old out before Coakley sped away. He later crashed the vehicle and walked away uninjured.

The incident happened just hours before Donegal's All-Ireland quarter-final win over Kerry, but Bernadette didn't make her husband - who had travelled with the team to Croke Park - aware of it until after the game.

"I decided not to tell him because there was no point," she is quoted as saying in the Irish Daily Star.

"He had enough to be going on with and we were safe and the gardai were looking after us. It had been terrifying - more so because of what could have happened.

"My husband called me and asked me if everything was okay before the game, as if he sensed something. I told him everything was fine and wished him well in the game. I told him afterwards and thankfully the result was right and everyone was okay."

Coakley, of Belvedere Place in Dublin 1, was sentenced to three years in prison to be served concurrently with a three-year term he is already serving for a firearms offence after pleading guilty to hijacking Bernadette's jeep at the Central Criminal Court yesterday.

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