Ring, Rackard and Meagher Cup draws

November 14, 2011
The draws for the 2012 Christy Ring, Nicky Rackard and Lory Meagher Cups have been made.

Christy Ring Cup champions Kerry, who chose to stay in the competition rather than accept promotion to the All-Ireland series and a place in the Munster championship, will start with a meeting with Wicklow.

Christy Ring Cup
Wicklow v Kerry
Meath v London
Mayo v Down
Derry v Kildare

Nicky Rackard Cup
Louth v Armagh
Donegal v Roscommon
Monaghan Bye
Sligo Bye

Lory Meagher Cup
Leitrim v Tyrone
Fermanagh v Longford
Warwickshire Bye

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