Dempsey disappointed to let victory slip

September 22, 2008
Mayo minor manager Ray Dempsey made no secret of his disappointment at the manner in which his side had victory snatched from their grasp in their drawn All-Ireland final against Tyrone. "We're disappointed not to win the All-Ireland final, and to draw it, I suppose we're in a bit of a limbo," he said. "Tyrone are a quality team, we knew that coming into the game. They were so cool under pressure, it was unbelievable. But at least Mayo showed that they can have character in their teams, and I was awful proud of the boys." Looking ahead to next Saturday's replay in Longford, Dempsey said: "The next day it will be exactly the same, it will be as tough, and those men I know will prepare well to get the whole game out of it. "Some of those players can play better than that, and I would be confident that they'll look again at themselves and prepare properly."

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