Wicklow - Come on Wicklow......

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Get in together lads we want promotion and a league final, ye have the ability to achieve this !

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts:2534 - 26/03/2011 13:49:36   896676

Well said Sponger. Glad you started a new forum as I getting tried of reading all those negative messages. Com'on the Boys of Wicklow in both hurling and football.

zimmerman (Wicklow) - Posts:157 - 26/03/2011 14:54:04   896694

Come on Wicklow, this is the start of things to come, Wicklow football will only improve if we get promoted, SO COME ON LADS ,LETS EVERYBODY STAND UP AND BE COUNTED ON AND OFF THE FIELD !!!!.

alanmisty (Wicklow) - Posts:237 - 26/03/2011 17:25:01   896775

Good luck to Blessington u16s in their leinster final in Aughrim before the Wicklow match. As a county we should support them on their journey. Its wonderful for any wicklow team at any level to reach a leinster final. Lets hope the county get behind them!

wondershorts (Wicklow) - Posts:278 - 26/03/2011 19:52:00   896820

best of luck today...the fingers will be crossed and the voice will go...One big push

theriddler (Wicklow) - Posts:193 - 27/03/2011 13:15:02   896951

Down with bad dose of Man Flu since friday :-( .. cant attend today ...

Best of luck to the lads ... fingers , toes & everything else crossed !

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts:2655 - 27/03/2011 14:16:55   896972

The stress of this is killing me..........COME ON WICKLOW

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts:2534 - 27/03/2011 15:35:54   897004

lookin good lads hopefully ye will pull it off today

delboydub (Dublin) - Posts:665 - 27/03/2011 15:37:32   897005

Rosary beads out now.

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts:2534 - 27/03/2011 15:40:48   897008

looks like wicklow are falling asleep

delboydub (Dublin) - Posts:665 - 27/03/2011 15:54:09   897015

One word .. heartbreaking

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts:2655 - 27/03/2011 16:05:24   897023

Leitrim & Longford both beaten .. incredible

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts:2655 - 27/03/2011 16:07:01   897026

I give up. 2-11 to 2-06 up as well.

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts:2534 - 27/03/2011 16:08:40   897027

if wicklow only had another 5 min they would have done it

delboydub (Dublin) - Posts:665 - 27/03/2011 16:09:45   897029

Who are Longford playing in their last games ?

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts:2534 - 27/03/2011 16:19:29   897036

Wicklow have one game left at home to Clare but will need Longford v Leitrim to end in a draw next week (i think)

ispeakwisdom (Roscommon) - Posts:1540 - 27/03/2011 16:29:34   897044

sponger they have leitrim and carlow at home.. That heartbreaking..especially to loose a game when you score 2-16... Anyone got a match report...
Square, couldnt make it eith on the antibiotics myself...

ponger (Cavan) - Posts:318 - 27/03/2011 17:08:43   897076

Ispeakwisdom a draw no good to us it would be better if Leitrim won.Wicklow 1 game left.Longford 2.Leitrim 3.If we win next week and Longford lose we are still 2 points ahead of Longford then hope Leitrim lose their last 2 and Longford get no more than a point in their last game or narrow low scoring win which might see us through on score difference .I know lads i,m clutching at straws and i,m having nightmares about Hannons 6 missed frees again Fermanagh also the easy one again Longford and the 1 today in the first half we should be on at least 13 points now and promoted,another question what is Kavanagh doing on the panel if not going to be given a chance he,s played midfield for County Champions for last 2 year and i have seen no better around in Wicklow i cant see him hanging around much longer they could have even thrown him in a half forward today a least he might have caught a few balls instead of running away from them just a thought.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts:1711 - 27/03/2011 18:36:58   897160

what a shocker, i m sorry but i knew polictic s in gaa but sorry, too many players not purducing on the day and still left on the pitch for a wasted jersey,disgrace,
I m still not sure whether the game was lost on the pitch or on the bench, but one thing for certain, MICKO HAS GOT TO GO, and a total revamp of Wicklow senior panel, on todays match ,too much loss of posession,terrible disturbution of the ball, No MIDFIELD !, and tactic s useless,(just kicking the ball in the air), On this years league and on todays performance and there are players on panel that simply NOT good enough, and yet Micko will STILL put a Wicklow jersey on them. BRING ON NEW MANAGEMENT AND REVAMP WHOLE SQUAD !!!! quickly

alanmisty (Wicklow) - Posts:237 - 27/03/2011 19:05:21   897177

Yes it's heartbreaking but completely of our own doing. Unable to close the game out...lack of sharpness and awareness for the third goal, some easily missed chances (I'm not going to pick on anyone but please please let Austin O malley take the frees.) We haven't learned anything from the Longford game! I'm too heartsick to analyse the game, especially with Longford being bet today, but we have to look back to the Carlow game and the non-start against Fermanagh and the soft goal against Longford for the cause of another year in Div. 4. And considering that Waterford and Cavan are coming down and Fermanagh will have their house in order by then, once again we could be found wanting next year.

Lug (Wicklow) - Posts:49 - 27/03/2011 19:25:04   897198

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