"The linesmen, even the umpires, they should have a bigger role to play"

August 01, 2019

Limerick's Darragh O'Donovan and selector Brian Geary appeals for a late 65 after taking a sideline cut

Former Dublin boss Ger Cunningham reckons two referees in hurling would cause confusion and feels that linesmen and umpires should have a bigger role to play in the game.

Following some controversial decisions in both of this past weekend’s All-Ireland SHC semi-finals, some fans have been calling for the introduction of a second referee but Cunningham does not see it benefiting the sport.

"The way the game has gone, the pace of the game is phenomenal. It's their passion, and the love doing it," the former Cork goalkeeper told RTE Sport.

"I would just think it should be more of a team in that the two linesmen... their role should be enhanced. The referee and his linesmen should be working more closely together.

"I wouldn't be a fan of introducing a second referee. Every referee is different. If you have two referees on either side of the pitch who have a different interpretation of the rules, I think it would lead to an awful lot of confusion.

"The linesmen, even the umpires, they should have a bigger role to play. There are seven people there, and I think we should be looking at involving them more so that it's not the referee on his own."

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