Westmeath - Footballers 2017

Replying To Rogers:  "replying to wmeath2 I agree with you Dublin put there house in order by employing 100 coaches most of wages paid by croke park while most other lcounties left with 2 coaches which has now created the monster that most counties cannot compete with. look at attendance 2 leinster football semi final tullamore kvm 12000 thousand and wvd 33000 and you say money dosent count gaa want Dublin all the way Westmeath and a lot of other counties second class citizens barely get travelling expences and wait months for them and a lot of the lads students and stuck for money . don't say it is not about money and fair play"
hold on
if there was a full time administrator role, it would probably be filled by one of the current officers
we already have enough of that craic going on

there is funding available for coaching initiatives
we don't have the ability to put together the right plan and get agreement on ut with the right people in hq

until the clubs put forward a few candidates forward at convention then things will continue

some amatuer officials have nice wagons to drive around in

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its not about investment, its not about populations, its about structure, vision, and planning. As stated we are a lower tier footballing county at county and club level( on the basis of historical and trended performance...more losing than winning). All players are made the same nationally, however, we dont know how to compete or play the game of football. worse still we have these players walking around as if they're 'ronaldos'. until there is a serious look at the structure, vision and planning; then we will continue to have bookies putting low odds on wm getting beaten by high margins!

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Bit of pride restored this evening by the hurlers.

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Replying To GozoGael:  "Bit of pride restored this evening by the hurlers."
Typical crap hurlers bet again won very few games all year the footballers lose 1 game all year and slated by the jealous hurling support. Get a life and support your teams not slate them.

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Replying To valley84:  "the whole top table in the county have to go
that's where I'd start"
Well Varley you have a lot of ideas and judgeing by your name come from the only club in the county with double votes Id say go for it and get one of the positions.You are right we need new blood and new hard workers with ideas.

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A comment on the difference in resources. Here is the link to the Tyrone GAA centre of excellence. Where is the Westmeath for comparision?http://tyronegaa.ie/club-tyrone/garvaghey-centre/

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Full Time score from the Gerry Reilly Memorial Tournament and our Under 16 Footballers have beaten Westmeath by twenty one points. Well done to Jayo and the lads.

Full Time:
Dublin 4-16 Westmeath 0-07

And the future does not look any different....

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