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With Laois coming to Cusack Park next Tuesday how are the 20s fixed? Any names to look out for?

The_Biler (Westmeath) - Posts: 84 - 26/06/2019 19:32:45    2201419


Excellent performance tonight by under 20s. Scoreline after extra time exaggerates difference between sides. Laois were physically much bigger but westmeath competed admirably for long spells. Daniel heavin, the superb Ned Cully, Martin from athlone at centre back, Ciaran Nolan, TJ Cox in extra time, Sean rock were all very good. Few missed chances from play and frees costly in second half, management deserve credit, well organised and really made Laois struggle. Laois managed by former Lomans player Billy O' Loughlin.

Bellewest (Westmeath) - Posts: 150 - 02/07/2019 23:18:22    2204680