St Malachy's club notes

October 01, 2018


There was no winner of last week’s draw and no 3 numbers either. Winning numbers were: 13, 16, 18, 24.Special Draw winner, John Fitzsimons. Promotor Prize, Eamonn Clarke.  Next week’s draw is 10400!

A Night in Hollywood:

Well done to all the groups on their fantastic events over the past week, to the Bag packers and the 5K runners! Coming up this weekend, The Forrest Gump crowd have their Cycle on Sunday morning. Kick Darts for the Field Production on after on Sunday in the park around 3pm, also the Snapper have their Vanity Fair on 12 in the Hall. What a fantastic way to spend your Sunday with all the community around. Be sure to call down and join in the fun. Tickets are selling fast, so to avoid disappointment be sure to get your tickets from the cast members!


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