UK - London Senior Championship
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15/10/2012 11:31:46
County: National
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as most predicted on here yesterday the tcg got too far ahead even the foot block claim at the end would have still left 4 between them had the penalty been awarded and converted

wouldnt fancy them against dr crokes if they come through munster but with some others they would have a fighting chance
15/10/2012 19:53:54
County: Mayo
Posts: 165

The game was over after 20mins T.C.G looked the real deal and kkg were no way up to the fitness of T.C.G there over all play was brilliant and there fire power up front was outstanding they will push the munster champions far.
25/10/2012 11:20:26
County: Mayo
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I see Lorcan Mulvey has transferred back to his home club. Does it put Fulham in danger of not being able to put out a team in next years championship? The poor (Fulham)Irish Post will no doubt be in mourning over this with a backpage article no doubt!
25/10/2012 13:19:28
County: Galway
Posts: 63

What will Lorcan Irish be called next year? Will they chose to revert back to Fulham or will they put all their eggs in one basket elsewhere?
31/10/2012 20:51:39
County: UK
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How is everyone expecting Tir Gottsche Geals to do in all ireland 1/4 final, will they be the first to make the breakthrough
31/10/2012 21:23:38
County: Mayo
Posts: 165

Very unlikey
09/11/2012 12:44:03
County: Overseas
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It has been brought to our attention today that Kingdom Kerry Gaels will not be fielding a team in the Conway Cup Final. This is not good enough for a Club that reached the London Senior Championship Final and a Club that has recruited a huge quantity of players this year. Maybe the ex London Manager who resigned as the KKG Manager some months ago would be better off looking after his Club's players than coming on here and lambasting other London Clubs. Maybe KKG should get their own house in order before pointing out where other Clubs are going wrong.
09/11/2012 15:33:44
County: Clare
Posts: 190

maybe it's maybelline
11/11/2012 08:31:13
County: Galway
Posts: 173

Great one ClareBear - "Maybe it's Maybeline". So funny ......
11/11/2012 16:56:11
County: USA
Posts: 167

your a harsh man bull a harsh man

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